16 Free Digital Sticky Notes

16 Free Digital Sticky Notes

Our third freebie for January is this sticker sheet full of digital sticky notes. Be sure to check the bottom of the article for a link to the matching digital 8-subject notebook! When you’re done here, feel free to check out my free digital planners to use these stickers in! 

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How to download your free digital sticky notes:

  • Click the download button above. 
  • Go to your downloads and unzip the file.

How to use your free digital sticky notes:

  • Once you have unzipped your file, you can choose between using the Goodnotes file or the folder with the PNGs. 
  • If using the Goodnotes file, open it, then import your Goodnotes post it notes. 
  • If using the PNGs folder, just drag and drop the stickers as you need them from your folder into your planner, journal, or notebook. 
  • If using the Goodnotes file, use the lasso tool, select the digital sticky note you want, click and hold, then hit copy.  
  • Paste it on any page you’d like as many times as you’d like. 
  • Use the lasso tool to resize your sticky notes. 

*Tip- if using the PNGs with an app on the iPad, you can use the split-screen function with your folder on one side and your planning app on the other. This makes it much easier to drag and drop your stickers. 

Adding your digital sticky notes to Goodnotes Elements

Another fun thing you can do with your digital sticky notes (if using Goodnotes) is add your digital sticky notes to the elements tool. This way you can insert any of the sticky notes you use often right from the toolbar. 

If using a Goodnotes file:

Use the lasso tool to select a sticker then select “add element.”

If using PNGs:

Go into the elements tab, click the + button, then import from. You can then import multiple digital stickers at once into a new collection. 

The hex codes

  • 15373F
  • D78400
  • F6E0BD
  • 296466
  • 627B72

The hex codes give you the power to design matching elements or write in your journals with matching colors, so you have a nice cohesive look!

Looking for a matching digital notebook?

You can find the matching 8-subject lined digital notebook here! If you’d like to browse through all of our other free digital notebooks and journals, head over to this page

Digital Notebook

Remember- each and every one of our digital journals, notebooks, and planners are completely free! Be sure to bookmark the website so you can check back for freebies often! 

Looking for more digital stickers?

We have more than just digital post it notes, check out our free digital sticker packs like the ones shown below. As always, don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can check back often for more freebies! 

If you have ideas of free digital stickers or good notes add ons, you’d like to see, leave a comment below or head over to one of our social media accounts and let us know! 

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I’d love to see what kind of journal or planner spreads you make with the free digital sticky notes! Head over to our Facebook and share your photos!


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