July 2023 Goodnotes Freebies

Goodnotes freebies for the month of July are here! I post them one at a time as soon as they are ready, so be sure to check back a few times before the month is over! 

Free Digital Notebook for Goodnotes

I decided to make one of my $1 Goodnotes notebooks free for you to test out! If you like the layout of them, you can find dozens more in the shop (or to the left over there if you are on a desktop). 

This Goodnotes notebook comes with six subjects and four built-in templates! Check out the photos and video below for a peek inside! 


Take a look inside the Goodnotes Notebook

Here is a quick view of the inside as well as a quick tutorial on copying and pasting the templates. 

Check out my article “How to Use Your Goodnotes Notebook” if you’d like more info on how to use all of my free and paid Goodnotes notebooks! 


Four templates built into the Goodnotes notebook

These are the templates you will find in your new free Goodnotes notebook. You can duplicate them as many times as you would like and place them throughout your notebook to expand it and make it as long as you need! 

goodnotes templates that will be inside of the Goodnotes notebook

Notebook dividers

These dividers correspond with the hyperlinked clickable index page! You can label them to match to keep things nice and organized. 

Dividers included in the Goodnotes notebook

Goodnotes notebook cover and index pages

The index page can be labeled to correspond with the dividers above. Both the index pages (for the subjects and the templates) are hyperlinked and clickable! 

goodnotes notebook cover with floral designs, index page, and template index

Goodnotes Notebook BIG Bundle

If you like this free notebook, check out my lifetime access Goodnotes BIG bundle of notebooks (currently 45 and growing) just like this one! It comes with all current AND future $1 Goodnotes notebooks! 

Matching Free Goodnotes Templates

This pair of matching Goodnotes templates has the same theme as the free Goodnotes notebook above! The set comes with a blank template and a lined template. They can be used alone as-is or put into a notebook you make in Goodnotes! 

goodnotes templates with blank and lined on a floral background

Other Freebies

Be sure to check out all the freebies from previous months! as well as all of our free clipart, which works perfectly as digital stickers in Goodnotes! 

Here is a video showing how to use our clipart in the Goodnotes app! 

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