35 Goodnotes Notebooks BIG BUNDLE

I am SO excited to introduce the Goodnotes notebook BIG bundle! This is a bundle of all of my current (now at 50!) AND future $1 Goodnotes notebooks. This means with one purchase, you get LIFETIME access to all $1 Goodnotes notebooks updates!

There are currently 50 notebooks in the bundle!  

Be sure to check back and re-download the file each time we have an update to get your new notebooks! 

What's Included

You will receive 1 zip file with the following included:

  • 50 PDF files (20 pages each to start- you choose how long your notebooks get).
  • 50 Goodnotes files (20 pages each – you decide how long your notebooks get).

Your notebooks have the following:

    • 6 divider sections with hyperlinked tabs
    • An index where you can label your sections
    • 4 templates (blank, lined, dotted, and grid)

Look Inside!

Here are a few photos of the inside of the notebooks for Goodnotes and other PDF apps. The overall layout and templates for most of the notebooks are the same and the colors and covers vary. This gives you the opportunity to choose new fun notebooks based on the season, holiday, or vibe you are going for while allowing your note-taking and journaling style to stay consistent!

pink, yellow, and blue theme goodnotes notebook with templates inside

More Photos of the Goodnotes BIG Bundle

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