Undated Blank Calendar Printables

These undated blank calendar printables are great to reuse yearly – just download, print, and fill in the dates. If you’d rather have dated calendars, check them out here!

Undated blank calendar printables have a special place in my heart because once I find a design I like, I want to use it over and over and over. With these calendar templates I can do exactly that! 

I like to keep them all in a folder specifically for monthly planning so I can comb through each month and pick the one I am feeling most connected to for that month. 

Sometimes I stick with the same printable undated calendar for an entire year. Sometimes I print many for one month. For example, I will print one for my family at home, one for work, one for content scheduling and one for meal planning.


Blank Calendar Printables

Blank calendar printables with fun bright colors! The below two templates comes as a 2-page PDF so you can choose between either having the top completely blank or having the top say “Month:” so you can fill it in each month. The great thing about these calendars is that you can reuse them over and over each and every single month. 

blank calendar printables with green pink and orange cells
Blank Calendar Templates with a blank top to write the month in yourself

Blank Floral Winter Printable Calendar

This floral winter calendar is a great addition to any printable planner. It also works great as a stand-alone calendar! This is a fun one to have for the winter season or can be used year round. 

Golden Snowflake Printable Blank Calendar

This golden blank calendar is an amazing addition to any winter planning! It adds some cozy winter cheer while still being minimal! Save this printable calendar somewhere safe so you can use it over and over each winter season!

Green Leaf Printable Blank Calendar

This green leaf on pink background blank calendar is perfect for all year round. Print one and fill in the dates for a quick calendar!

Floral Blank Calendar Printable

This simple floral blank printable calendar will be a great addition to any printable planner or agenda. Print one any month of the year and fill in the dates!

Calendar Printable

Fruits Printable Blank Calendar

This adorable printable blank calendar will look awesome in the kitchen! Print a copy for the fridge and a copy for the work kitchen. The notes section makes it super convenient to add any additional notes you may need to remember for the month. I like to use that section for what groceries I need to pick up.

Blank Monthly Calendar with Notes

This blank goddess monthly calendar with a notes section comes as a letter size PDF and has a Sunday start. If you love this design as much as I do, thats awesome because you can use it over and over! Use it for small business planning, personal organization, school assignments, or work projects! 

Undated Blank Calendar

Moon Goddess Blank Monthly Calendar

I LOVE this blank moon goddess monthly calendar printable. I can use it every single month if I want to stay organized and motivated each month!

Undated Blank Calendar

Floral 12-Month Blank Calendar Printable

This blank calendar printable comes as a 12-page PDF. Each page is labeled with a month of the year and the boxes are left undated so you can use them for the year 2023 and every year after!

Printable Undated Monthly Calendar

Champagne Printable Calendar

This champagne-color printable calendar will go with any color palette! Print it with the yellow and gray ones below for a matching set!

Gray Blank Printable Calendar

Match this gray calendar with the one below and above it for a matching calendar set!

Printable Calendar

Yellow Blank Calendar Printable

This yellow calendar goes perfectly with the two designs above! Make a set of them and fill your printable planner for the year!

Pink and white bone stars calendar

Pink and white bokeh stars calendar to add to planner or journal. This blank calendar is perfect for February with Valentine’s Day!

Blank Calendar Printable

Blue and Pink Water Color Calendar

This blue and pink cotton candy watercolor calendar is one of my favorites! Print and use wherever you need a little bit of happiness and color added!

Bokeh Stars Calendar Printable

This adorable pink and white bokeh stars blank calendar will be cute any time of the year!

Blank Printable Calendar

Green Watercolor Monthly Calendar

Red Watercolor Monthly Calendar

This red watercolor blank calendar printable goes great with the other water color options on this page!

Purple Watercolor Blank Calendar Printable

This purple watercolor calendar printable goes great with the other water color options on this page. Combine them to make your entire 2023 calendar!

Printable Blank Calendar

Dotted Outline Calendar Printable

This unique dotted outline calendar printable is a fund addition to any planner! Print one for home and one for the classroom!

Printable Calendar

Monthly Calendars With Sunday Start

These monthly calendars with a Sunday start are great to have on your device for whenever you may need to print a monthly calendar. Having all of the colors downloaded and saved means you can switch up the color of your monthly planner to match your mood and style for that month.

The below calendars are great for when you don’t want to label your months. You just print and fill in the dates.

12-Months of Blank Calendar Printables

Undated Printable Calendar

Why use blank calendar printables?

The best part about using blank printable calendars is printing as many copies as you need whenever you need them. And because these are undated, you can reuse them every single year! 

Each month I will add a combination of 12 page blank calendars and one page blank calendars where you add the months. If you get bored easily, come back and choose a different design! 

Tip- Label a folder on your device Spec on a Speck and download all the designs from the website even if you don’t want to use them yet, so you have them forever! 

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