All of My Digital Planners Free for Christmas

I have decided to make ALL my premium digital planners free for Christmas! For the entire month of December, you can find all of my premium digital planners in the shop for $0! This is in addition to my already free digital planner section

Be sure to keep reading for instructions and a tour of the planners and leave a comment letting my know what you think and what freebies you’d like to see in the future! 

How to get the digital planners free

Getting all of my digital planners free is super easy, just follow these steps below:

  • Go to the digital planners section of my shop. 
  • Add any of the planners you want to your cart. Enter $0 or name your price. 
  • Check out and download the planners. 
  • Share either the Goodnotes file or the PDF to your favorite digital planning app! 
If you want to read a more thorough walkthrough of the process, you can check out my article “How to Use Your Goodnotes Notebook“. Even though I use a notebook in my examples, they work the exact same way as my digital planners! 

What's included with the free digital planners

Each of my digital planners comes with a PDF and a Goodnotes file making it easy to import into your favorite digital planning app. 

Each also comes with a Sunday start and a Monday start so you can choose which is best with your digital planning needs! 

A tour of the digital planners

All of my current premium planners are landscape one-month planners. They are built the same with different color combos. I love this setup and have been using it myself because I don’t like to commit to one planner for the entire year. This gives me the opportunity to switch it up every month if I choose! 

Each of the planners comes with three different cover choices as shown below. Next the the covers is a note paper where you can write important notes for the month. 

three purple digital planners covers

You will also find hyperlinked index pages, a monthly calendar, and a monthly overview. The monthly calendar also links to the specific weeks in the row. 

an index page, a month page, and a monthly overview in a digital planners

Your planners will include six weekly pages and 31 daily pages with hyperlinks making the planner super easy to navigate. 

purple digital planner pages for weekly and daily templates

In the planner, you will find three custom sections you can use and label however you would like! You can get to these sections using the hyperlinks in the index or at the top of each page. 

notebook cover dividers for digital planner

Here is the templates index which will take you to any of the included ten digital planner templates! You can also see the blank, lined, dotted, and grid templates here. 

templates index with dotted, lined, grid, and blank digital planner templates

Below are the daily gratitude and self-care templates. 

digital planner templates on purple digital planner

Here you can check out the meal plan template and the daily wellness templates! 

meal plan template and daily wellness planner templates

Here are the last two templates built into the digital planners! A habit tracker and a vision board!

habit tracker and video board digital planning templates

All of these digital planner templates can be copied and pasted throughout your digital planner wherever you need and as often as you need. This means you can build your planner to be as long as you’d like! 

Thanks for checking out these digital planners!

Thanks so much for coming to check out all of my premium digital planners! I hope you can grab all of them for free and use them for the 2024 year and beyond! 

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