Free To-Do List Digital Sticker Set

Grab this set of free to-do list stickers and add them to your digital planning collection! You can find the matching free digital planner below! 

How to get the free to-do list digital stickers

Downloading the free to-do list digital stickers is super easy! Just follow these instructions and reach out with questions. 

  1. Click the button that says “Download the Free To-Do List Digital Stickers” under the image below. 
  2. Locate the file of PNGs in your downloads. 
  3. Unzip the file if your device doesn’t do this automatically. 
  4. Start using the stickers by dragging and dropping them into your Goodnotes or other digital planning app.
  5. Come back and check out more free digital stickers and the matching digital planner!  
Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know which stickers you like and what you hope to see next in the freebies section! I am always looking for ideas for my free planners, notebooks, stickers, and templates so let me know what you need in your digital planner! 
to-do list digital stickers in 3 colors (orange, green, and red) and circles, stars and squares

Free Matching Digital Planner

You can grab the matching one-month planner FOR FREE! Once you are done with that you can check out the rest of my free digital planners, free digital stickers, and free digital notebooks

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