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Gratitude Journals

All the printable gratitude journals on this page are completely free and come in PDF format. This means you can download any (or all) of the files to your computer and have them forever. Print as many as you need whenever you need. Switch it up from day to day or week to week to make it fun! 

How to Use Your Printable Gratitude Journal Page

There isn’t one specific way to keep a gratitude journal. You can make it your own and change it up whenever you’d like. Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be. Just focus on the things you are grateful for. Big or small- it doesn’t matter. Track it all. 

Here are the steps to use our printable gratitude journals: 

  1. Download any of the printable gratitude journals you want by clicking the download button under the photo of the gratitude template page you want.
  2. Save the PDF file to your computer or cloud storage, so you have it forever. 
  3. Print as many as you need. 
  4. Hole punch and keep in a folder, notebook, or binder.
  5. Fill them out as often as you want!

*Tip-Having a three-hole punch makes it easy to keep all of your gratitude journal pages together in one spot in a binder! 

Month of Daily Gratitude Printable

This month of daily gratitude printable lets you track your daily gratitude for the whole month on one page! You can print a new one each month and keep them all in a binder so you can look back at your entire year of gratitude!

daily gratitude month sheet on a desktop
Daily Gratitude written at top of page with numbers 1-31

Always Grateful Daily Printable

This bright and colorful daily gratitude page is sure to bring some joy to your day! Print one every day or just print one when you feel like gratitude journaling!

digital gratitude journal

8.5×11 PDF – download and print for personal use

Cotton Candy Water Color Gratitude Journal

This weekly gratitude journal comes with this beautiful cotton candy water color background! Print as many as you need and starts tracking your gratitude. 

Gratitude Journal Printable

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Gray with White Stars Gratitude Journal

This printable gratitude journal comes with a simple gray and white design. 

Weekly Gratitude Journal

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Purple Gratitude Journal Printable

A daily gratitude journal for those of you who love purple! Print one each day or just when you need to journal a little but about the good things in your life. 

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Black and White Daily Gratitude

This simple black and white daily gratitude page will fit in with any printable planner or journal!

Daily Gratitude Journal

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Gratitude Journal PDF

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Pink with Bokeh Stars Journal Page

digital gratitude journal

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

digital gratitude journal

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

We tend to find more of what we are focusing on at any given moment. If we focus on the bad stuff, we see more of the bad stuff. If we focus on the good stuff, we see more of the good stuff. Writing in a gratitude journal daily can help keep the focus on the things we are grateful for– the good stuff. 

Purple and Blue with Bokeh Stars Journal

It doesn’t get any more adorable than this blue and purple bokeh stars gratitude journal page! This is an oldie but a goodie from my old Etsy shop. Now it’s here for you to download for FREE! 

gratitude journal

Weekly Gratitude Journal Printable

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Blue and Green Galaxy Gratitude Journal

This blue and green galaxy gratitude journal page is perfect for jotting down a few things you are grateful for each day. It goes great with the two matching designs below!

gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal Weekly Printable

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Pink Galaxy Journal for Gratitude

I love this weekly pink galaxy gratitude journal! Pair it with the blue galaxy one below and mix and match through out the month for an awesome galaxy theme!

gratitude journal goodnotes

Printable Pink Gratitude Journal

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

Gratitude Galaxy Journal Page

This gratitude galaxy journal page goes great with the pink one above! Just download them both and print whichever one you’re in the mood for!

gratitude journal goodnotes

Printable Gratitude Journal Template

11×8.5 PDF – download and print for personal use

These printables are great for kids and adults! Use them for yourself, your kids, or even in your classroom! I love keeping the files on hand just in case I want to share with a friend or family member! Because they are a digital file, they are timeless. You can literally use them whenever you want or need. 

The Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

  • It can help shift your perspective when things seem to be going wrong. 
  • It can help you feel more calm and relaxed. 
  • It can help you focus o the good things. 
  • It can show you what you want more of in your life.

Be sure to check out our article 10 Gratitude Journal Prompts if you need a place to start with your gratitude journaling! Don’t forget to check back often for new designs! And check all the tabs at the top to see the hundreds of different free digital items we have! 

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If you’re looking for more than a printable gratitude journal, check out these physical gratitude journals.

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