10 Gratitude Journal Prompts

I don’t always use a gratitude journal, but when I do, I notice my perspective shifts just enough to help me through some tough stuff.

Having a list of gratitude journal prompts on hand makes it so much easier when I’m in the mood to write in my gratitude journal. Feel free to use our free gratitude journal printable. A pen and paper or the notes app on your computer works too!

The benefits of using a gratitude journal

I’m not an expert here, so keep in mind these are just the benefits that I have personally experienced.

  • It helps me focus on all the good things in my life.
  • It reduces my stress levels.
  • It makes me feel calmer.
  • It helps to shift my negative perspectives.
  • It makes me strive to do more things in my life that feel good.
  • It makes the bad stuff not seem so bad.

When to write in your gratitude journal

Anytime! Seriously, anytime. But I’ll give you a few examples of the times that have worked best for me.

  • As soon as I wake up.
  • Right before bed (do this instead of looking at your phone!).
  • When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
  • When I want to journal, but I’m not sure what to write about.

The gratitude journal prompts

Grab one of these prompts, write it at the top of a fresh blank journal page, and start writing.

  1. A mistake I made that I am grateful for
  2. People I’m grateful for
  3. A wish I’m grateful never came true
  4. The place I’m most grateful for
  5. A hobby I’m grateful to have discovered
  6. A memory I’m grateful to have
  7. I’m grateful to have these qualities
  8. A book I’m grateful for
  9. An experience I’m grateful for
  10. 10 random things I’m grateful for

There really are no rules when it comes to gratitude journaling. These ideas are just here to help motivate and inspire you to start. Leave a comment below with your own gratitude journal prompts or how gratitude journaling has helped you.

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