Goodnotes Templates

On this page, you will find FREE Goodnotes templates you can add to any Goodnotes notebook or journal. You can also use this digital paper when you need more space in your digital planners!

All of the below Goodnotes templates are completely free and come with both a Goodnotes file and a PDF file so you can use them no matter which digital planning app you are using!

2023 Goodnotes Templates

ANNOUNCEMENT- I will start posting new free Goodnotes templates, journals, and notebooks for 2023 by month and leave this page as 2022 free Goodnotes templates. Head over to our monthly Goodnotes freebies section!

How To Use Your Free Goodnotes Templates

  • Scroll down to the Goodnotes template designs you like. 
  • Click the download button (some are both PDF and Goodnotes files in the same link, some you can choose between PDF and Goodnotes file)
  • Go to your downloads and unzip the file. 
  • Upload your file to Goodnotes (or the PDF file to any PDF annotation app). 
  • Copy the page you want to use and paste it into a new or existing notebook or journal!
Another option is to leave the paper packs as is and use them as a notebook and add one of our covers to the front!

Black and White Calendar Goodnotes Template

This simple black and white calendar template for Goodnotes comes with a Sunday start and a Monday start. I love this template because the simplicity leaves room for you to decorate your month at a glance however you like!

The calendar is undated, so you can use it over and over each month!

The zip file will contain a Goodnotes file and a PDF file for Sunday and Monday starts so you can set your month up the way you like best!. 

goodnotes calendar template on iPad next to a plant

Goodnotes Lined Paper Templates -Halloween Colors

It’s almost Halloween, and I CAN’T WAIT! These fun Halloween color themed Goodnotes templates are perfect for October… and all year round because… well, because HALLOWEEN! Your download will include a PDF file, a Goodnotes file, and PNGs, so you should be able to use these templates not matter which app you are using as long as it is a PDF annotation app! 

Note– The PNGs work great as Goodnotes stickers (or other digital planner stickers), too!

Goodnotes Lined templates with orange and purple halloween colors

Make Your Own Templates!

If you want to learn how to make your own Goodnotes templates using a free Canva account, be sure to check out my new video below! 

Cyber Night Daily Goodnotes Templates

This set of Daily Goodnotes templates is a sample of my new Cyber Night Goodnotes pack in the shop!

You can download the sample (which includes the daily pages in both Goodnotes and PDF files) or buy the whole 45-page template set!

Pink Purple Blue Templates for Goodnotes

Gratitude Goodnotes Templates

This free set of gratitude Goodnotes templates is a sample from my Sugar Dust Templates Bundle in the shop! Head on over to purchase the whole bundle if you’d like!

Gratitude Goodnotes Templates

New Goodnotes Notebook BIG Bundle in the Shop!

This Goodnotes notebook BIG bundle comes with ALL current AND future $1 Goodnotes notebooks in my shop! You will have lifetime access to all updates of this bundle! There are CURRENTLY 50 NOTEBOOKS in the bundle. Let me know if you have any questions! 


72 digital notebooks Goodnotes notebooks and Notability Notebooks

Daily Goodnotes Templates

Our newest type of digital planner Goodnotes template is here! Check out this daily Goodnotes template! Download the zip file below which included both a PDF file and a Goodnotes file. 

Goodnotes Templates

Matching Goodnotes Covers

Find these matching digital stickers in our June sticker book! Head on over to the digital stickers section to look through all of our digital sticker sets. 

Free Goodnotes Covers

More Goodnotes Templates and How to Import


My favorite part about our new free clipart collection is the clipart images can double up as Goodnotes stickers! There are hundreds of clipart images that you can drag and drop into your Goodnotes app or any other app and use as digital stickers! Here is one example of the dozens of clipart sets you can use in your digital planner or journal along with these Goodnotes templates!

succulent clipart with 9 watercolor succulent plants
Goodnotes Templates

Daily Digital Planner Templates

These colorful digital planner templates for Goodnotes, Notability, and other digital planner apps are super simple and super cute to add to an existing digital planner, or to use on their own! 

Daily Goodnotes Templates

Free Goodnotes Stickers

If you are also looking for some free Goodnotes stickers, I have you covered! Be sure to leave a comment under the ones you like and leave ideas you’d like to see in future Goodnotes sticker sets!

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Goodnotes To-Do List Templates

This simple Goodnotes to-do list digital planner template comes in four different color variations. Download the zip file and choose from the PDF or Goodnotes file!

This to-do Goodnotes templates set comes with six color variations! Import into Goodnotes or any other PDF notes app and keep your to-do list right where you can see it!

goodnote to do list templates on various color backgrounds

This set of to-do list Goodnotes templates comes with four color variations. Add them to your digital planner or keep them as a document as soon as you open your Goodnotes app so you never forget what you need to do! 

Use My Clipart as Goodnotes Stickers!

Add some Goodnotes stickers to your new Goodnotes templates by heading to my free clipart section! It’s super easy, just drag and drop the PNGs into your Goodnotes app! 

Goodnotes Templates - Calendar Template

Goodnotes Calendar Template
Monthly Templates for Goodnotes
Blank Calendar Templates

Goodnotes Templates - Dot Grid Paper

Here are our newest free Goodnotes paper templates! The possibilities for dot grid paper are seemingly endless! I love these when I am building my own digital notebook or planner bc the dots make is super easy to keep things tidy! 

Dot Grid Goodnotes Templates

Here is another set of Goodnotes paper with dots, but in a different color combo. These work super well when combined with a covet from Goodnotes or they can be used as standalone digital paper for those times you just need to jot down a quick note. I love the dark colors used in combo with a light or white pen color! 

Goodnotes Templates

Dot Grid Goodnotes Template Pack

Download this dot grid Goodnotes template. Be sure to scroll down to find matching lined and graph paper sets!

Dot Grid Goodnotes Templates

Dot Grid Goodnotes Template Pack

Here is another dot grid template pack! This color combination has to be one of my favorites, they just make my Goodnotes notes so bright and cheery! You can use a light pen color with the darker paper and a dark pen color with the lighter brighter options. 

Goodnotes template

Free Weekly Goodnotes Templates

This weekly Goodnotes templates set comes with five pages. They are all identical with 5 different color options. 

You can use the Goodnotes templates as is or copy and paste into an existing notebook. 

Click the button below to download the file. There is both a Goodnotes file and PDF file included.

Weekly Goodnotes Template

Find Matching Goodnotes Covers Below!

Goodnotes Covers
Goodnotes cover templates

Goodnotes Graph Paper Template

These fun graph Goodnotes templates have matching dot paper and stickers! Check them out. 

Goodnotes Graph Paper Templates

Set of Grid Paper Goodnotes Templates

Another set of digital paper with squares for Goodnotes! I love using these when I need things to line up perfectly in my notes or when I need to draw and plan something out. They also just look cool when added to any of my digital planners or notebooks! 

free grid paper template for Goodnotes

Free Digital Graph Paper Pack

Our third free Goodnotes graph paper pack! Scroll down and find the matching lined paper templates. This digital paper for Goodnotes and other apps is another one of my favorite sets! I use them when I need extra space in my digital planner! 

graph paper pack for goodnotes

Free Graph Paper Pack for Goodnotes

Our second free Goodnotes graph paper pack! Be sure to scroll down to find the matching lined paper templates. Check back for more!

Free digital graph paper

Free Goodnotes Graph Paper Pack

This is our first graph paper pack for Goodnotes and other PDF annotation apps! You can download the PDF version or the Goodnotes version! This digital graph paper is perfect for planning, to-do lists, tracking, and so much more! 

*Be sure to scroll down and find the matching set of lined paper! 

Goodnotes graph paper pack

Free Goodnotes Templates Paper Pack

This set of Goodnotes lined paper comes with four color options so you can mix and match as you add them to your Goodnotes notebooks. These digital papers come in super handy when you need some extra paper in your Goodnotes app or when you just need to take a quick note. 

Goodnotes Templates Free

The free Goodnotes lined paper pack comes with five different colors so you can pick and choose which colors match your Goodnotes notebook best. Feel free to either download the PDF version or the Goodnotes version below. 

Free Goodnotes Templates

Free Goodnotes Templates Paper Pack

This Goodnotes template paper pack comes with four different colors so you can mix and match as you’d like. Download the Goodnotes version or the PDF version (or both!)

Goodnotes Template

This Goodnotes paper pack comes with 5 different colors so you can mix and match however you would like. Feel free to download the PDF file, the Goodnotes file, or both. Then insert them into any Goodnotes notebook. 

Digital Paper Pack

Free Goodnotes Paper Pack

This digital paper pack comes with 6 color combos for you to spice up any Goodnotes notebook. You can download the PDF or the Goodnotes file below. 

Good notes Templates

Free Goodnotes Paper Pack

This free Goodnotes template is a lined paper pack with four different color options. It comes in a PDF file or a Goodnotes file.

Goodnotes Templates

Ways to use the lined paper Goodnotes templates:

There are so many ways you can use these free Goodnotes templates! Here are some of my favorite way to use them:

  • Journaling 
  • To-do lists
  • Gratitude lists
  • Notes for school 
  • Brain dumps 
  • Record your dreams
  • A daily planner
  • A weekly planner

2023 Goodnotes Templates

ANNOUNCEMENT- I will start posting new free Goodnotes templates, journals, and notebooks for 2023 by month and leave this page as 2022 free Goodnotes templates. Head over to our monthly Goodnotes freebies section!

Check out our free digital notebooks and digital journals!

Digital paper and Goodnotes templates are super handy to have, but if you prefer a full digital notebook where the digital templates are built-in head over to my free digital notebook section! 

Free Digital Notebook
Digital Notebook

I’d love to see how you use these Goodnotes templates! Feel free to tag us in your social media posts and leave a comment below!