September Desktop Wallpaper Organizer With Matching Folder Icons

Are you looking for a September desktop wallpaper organizer with matching folder icons? Great! Because I have all of those things for you FOR FREE! You can mix and match your wallpapers with the matching folder icons! Pick and choose or pick different ones for different monitors!

You can also just use the wallpapers and not the icons, or you can download the icons if you already have a desktop wallpaper for September that you already love. 

Be sure to save the wallpapers without a calendar so you can use them over and over for the rest of forever!

How To Use Desktop Wallpaper Organizers With Folder Icons

  • Download any of the desktop wallpapers by clicking the download button under the design. 
  • Change your desktop background to one of the designs by right clicking and selecting “set desktop picture”. 
  • Download the folder of matching folder icon PNGS and follow the steps below for how to change folder icons on Mac. 

How To Change Folder Icons on Mac

  • Open the folder of icons. 
  • Copy the icon you want to use. 
  • Right-click the folder you want to change. 
  • Select get info. 
  •  Select the blue folder in top left corner of the screen. 
  • Paste new folder design in. 

September Desktop Wallpaper Design 1

Here is the first September wallpaper design! It comes with a September calendar in the design, so you can always see your month at a glance!

Desktop wallpaper for September 2022

The picture below shows how it looks using the free icons! Be sure to download the folder with the PNG icons at the bottom of the page if you want to personalize your file folders!

September desktop wallpaper organizer

Desktop Organizer Wallpaper Design 2

All of the spaces are blank on this second design of the desktop organizer wallpaper! This means your can customize it however you want! Use the icons and the stickies app and make it your own!

Desktop organizer wallpaper for September

Desktop Wallpaper Organizer for September Design 3

Another blank design! These functional desktop wallpaper organizers are SO fun. I like to use this one for my to-do lists (using the stickies app on Mac) and all of my desktop folders. 

Functional wallpaper organizer

September Desktop Wallpaper Design 4

If you like to keep your calendar as the main focus of your desktop then this might be the one for you! It still has a space to put your folder icons!

September Desktop Wallpaper Design 5

This is the same as above with a different color variation!

September desktop organizer wallpaper

Fun tip! You can use the stickies app (shown below) on Mac to fill in the blank sections with headers, to-do lists, quotes, tasks, and more!

desktop wallpaper organizer

Desktop Folder Icons

Here are the optional (free!) desktop folder icons with the same colors from the desktop wallpapers! Download them and mix and match or save them in a folder for another time! Check the top of the page for instructions on using the PNG desktop folder icons!

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