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Printable Lined Paper

Printable Lined Notebook paper with the works printable lined paper templates

This page is dedicated to printable lined paper of all types! 

All of the files comes as PDFs in  8.5″ x 11″ (letter size) PDF format. Feel free to download and print as many as you need. 

These downloads are completely free and no email is required for download. No catch- maybe just share the website with your friends and be sure to check back often as new designs are added all the time!

How to Download and Use the Printable Lined Paper

  • Go to the design you would like to download and click the download button. 
  • Go to your downloads folder. 
  • Open the PDF file. 
  • Print at home or a local print shop. 
I LOVE using my laminator for printable lined paper. I can use it for notes, to-do lists, or shopping lists I don’t need to keep forever. This way, you can print it once and use it over and over. The kids also love using the printable lined paper for fun activities!

Cute Printable Lined Paper Set of 7

This set of adorable lined paper comes as a 7-page PDF so you can pick and choose which colors you want to use and print them whenever you need! 

digital lined paper printable with stars and pink and blue and green and purple sheets

Lined Stationery Paper with Flower

This lined stationery paper with a flower background is super versatile and can be used for writing letters, taking notes, making a grocery list, and so much more! Print a few pages and keep them on hand for the next time you need to jot something down!

Lined Paper Printable in Halloween Colors

This cute Halloween lined paper printable comes as a simple 1-page PDF. The file is letter-size (8.5″x11″) so it’s easy to just download, print, and start using for any project. 

Writing Paper with Picture Box

This writing paper set comes with two pages. The first page is writing paper with a picture box, and the second page is writing paper without a box. This way, you or your little ones can mix and match and use what you need when you need it. These are super fun for making short stories or homemade books with the kids!

This file comes as a 2-page PDF. Just click the download under the photo below!

writing paper with picture box

Lined Paper Printable Template with Stars

This lined paper printable template with stars comes as a 1-page PDF (letter-size) that you can print over and over whenever you need to!

Printable Lined Paper

Printable Lined Paper

This printable lined paper set comes as a 5-page letter-sized PDF. Pick and choose which pages to print for your journal, planner, or other paper projects! 

Lined paper printable with dots and stars in varying shades of blue and orange

Printable Lined Paper with Halloween Bats Border

This printable lined paper set will be fun for any halloween activity! Use the printable lined paper for letters, notes, junk journals, and more!

Printable Lined Paper with Christmas Border

This printable lined paper with Christmas border is our site’s newest lined paper freebie! This printable lined paper is perfect for Christmas notes, Christmas lists, and all kinds of other Christmas planning activities! 

Free Lined Paper PDF

This lined paper PDF comes as a 4-page PDF for you to download and have in your files to use over and over! These colors are perfect for fall. I love to use this lined paper in my journal around this time of year!

printable lined paper pdf

Goddess Printable Paper with Lines

This goddess printable lined paper comes from our goddess collection. Download these to add to your printable planner or journal! You can also just use them as is to add some fun color to your notes!

Printable Lined Paper

Printable Lined Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper.

Free Printable Planner Pages

Printable Lined Paper

8.5×11 PDF lined paper template.

Printable Cotton Candy Lined Paper

This adorable printable cotton candy lined paper printables is perfect for both kids and adults!

Lined Paper Printable

Printable Lined Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper. Just download, save, and print!

Writing Paper Templates

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper template. Just download, save, and print!

Lined Paper Printable for Christmas

Here is another set of Christmas lined paper! These are so fun for the holidays and are versatile enough that they can be used for letters, lists, and other Christmas activities!

Printable Lined Paper

Printable Paper Templates

8.5×11 PDF printable Christmas lined paper template. Just download, save, and print!

Lined Paper Printable

Printable Paper Templates

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper template. Download, save to your device, and print!

The possibilities are endless with these decorative lined paper templates! Use these printables to write letters, make your to do lists, decorate your scrapbook, add to your planner, or just to take notes. The best part about these printables is once you have the file, you have them forever! That means you can print as many as you need whenever you need for the rest of forever.  

printable Lined paper

Old Antique Printable Writing Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper.

Lined Paper Printable

Antique Printable Writing Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable writing paper.

Check this page (and all the others) often as new designs and files are added weekly. Head over to our Facebook and share what you’ve made with the designs. I would love to see all of your creations! 

Printable Lined Paper

Vintage Printable Lined Paper Template

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper templates. Download, save to your pc, tablet, or phone, and print!

printable lined paper

Vintage Floral Printable Lined Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable lined paper templates. Download, save to cloud or your computer and print!

Tip- print and laminate your plain paper so you can reuse it for to do lists, grocery lists, or notes that you don’t need to keep forever. Make one for each of your kids at home or in the classroom and give them a dry erase marker and you have a fun activity!

Marble Printable Lined Paper

Download and print this marble printable lined paper for your journal or planner! 

Purple Rainbow Lined Paper Template

This printable paper PDF with rainbows and a purple border will look adorable in any journal or notebook!

Strawberry Border Paper with Lined

This sweet printable is sure to brighten your day! Print this strawberry lined paper template and use it for to-do lists, journaling,  lists, and more!

Printable Lined Paper

8.5×11 PDF printable writing paper. Click the download button, save, and print!

Paint Splatter Paper Template

This paper templates with paint splatter is a fun addition to any project that requires paper with lined. Download and print yours!

Printable Lined Paper

Splatter Printable Paper Template

8.5×11 PDF printable writing paper. Download, save to your device and print as many as you want!

Digital lined paper templates

We also have digital lined paper templates for those of you who prefer them over regular paper! I love using digital lined paper on my iPad when I’m digitally journaling or planning!

The benefits of using digital paper

I love using both digital paper and real paper. It really just depends on what i’m using it for. 

Here are a few reasons I love digital paper:

  • It can be duplicated and unlimited number of times. This means you can use it forever!
  • Digital paper doesn’t take up space, so no more paper clutter! 
  • You can erase or clear your page over and over!
  • You can decorate it with fonts and digital stickers


Digital Paper Pack
Goodnotes Templates Free

Digital Notebooks with digital lined paper template

If the idea of digital lined paper sparked any interest for you, you’re going to love these digital notebooks with lined paper templates built right in! The best part? They are free!

We have a large variety of digital notebooks with more than just lined templates. You will also be able to find graph, dot, and blank templates in our digital notebooks. 


There are so many different ways to use digital journals. Be sure to always keep a blank copy of your journals so you can jump right in when you have a new idea or project that requires a notebook!

Free Digital Journal
Digital Journal


I hope you were able to find some printable lined paper PDFs for your projects! If you’re using these line paper pages for planning, don’t forget to check out our printable planners to add to your PDF stash! We also have daily planner printables, weekly planner printables, and monthly planner printables.

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