28 Free Goodnotes Templates

January Freebie: 28 Free Goodnotes Templates

These free Goodnotes templates are the next set of freebies for the month of January! These college ruled lined paper packs are perfect for any portrait style Goodnotes (or other PDF annotation app you may be using) notebook. 

What are Goodnotes templates?

Goodnotes templates are files that can be added into a Goodnotes notebook. I have saved all of the below templates as PDF files and Goodnotes files so you can choose how to save and import the file. 

Goodnotes Templates Free
Free Goodnotes Templates

How to use your free Goodnotes templates?

  1. Head over to our free Goodnotes templates tab here
  2. Go through and download the Goodnotes paper packs. If you choose PDF, you can download it into any digital planning app. If you use Goodnotes, I recommend downloading the Goodnotes file. 
  3. Go to your downloads. 
  4. Import into Goodnotes (or whichever PDF annotation app you are using). 
  5. Copy the page you want to use. 
  6. Paste in any Goonotes notebook. 
Goodnotes Template
Digital Paper Pack

Different ways to use your free Goodnotes templates

  • Journaling 
  • Note-taking 
  • To-do lists
  • Planning 
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Diary
  • Grocery list

If you have other ways to use these templates for Goodnotes, leave a comment below and let us know! 

Good notes Templates
Goodnotes Templates

I’d love to see how you use your free Goodnotes templates! Feel free to tag us on your social media posts #speconaspeck! And definitely check back often as new Goodnotes paper packs will be added often! 

Want to make your own Goodnotes templates?

If you want to learn how to make Goodnotes templates using the free version of Canva, be sure to check out this video! 

Check out this matching free digital graph paper!

I am adding matching digital graph paper for each of the digital lined paper packs above! Be sure to bookmark the page and check back to find them. Here is a link to one of the sets for more info!

Free digital graph paper

Free Digital Planners

Be sure to check out my free digital planners on your way out! They also have templates built-in!

Using our clipart as digital stickers

If you are looking for digital stickers to add to your Goodnotes templates or your Goodnotes notebooks, feel free to download and use our FREE clipart as digital stickers. Here is a video showing just how simple it is to drag and drop the clipart into your Goodnotes app! 

If you like the Goodnotes notebook from the video, you can find it in our $1 Goodnotes notebooks section of our shop! 

Goodnotes comes with it’s own notebooks and templates pages, but if you are looking for notebooks and journals with hyperlinked tabs feel free to check out our selection of free digital notebooks! Below you will find a few examples, but head over to our free digital notebook selection to find dozens of different designs. I’d love to see how you use them – tag us in your Instagram or Facebooks posts.

Free Digital Notebook
Free Digital Journal
Digital Journal

New Goodnotes Notebooks in the Shop!

72 digital notebooks Goodnotes notebooks and Notability Notebooks

Free 12-Month Digital Journal with 4 Digital Journal Templates

digital journal templates

If you are looking for a digital journals or digital notebooks with templates built in we have that too! Check out this 12-month digital journal. It has four different journal templates and can be used in Goodnotes or any other PDF annotation app. 

Just copy and paste any of the template pages as many times as you need! Lots of people use these blank journals as their main digital planners!

Here are the templates you will find in digital journal:

Graph Paper Digital Notebook Template

graph paper digital journal template

Blank Paper Digital Template

goodnotes templates

Lined Paper Goodnotes Template

lined paper digital journal template

Dot Paper Template for Goodnotes

dotted paper digital journal template

Digital Journal Ideas

Since these are not your typical digital planners and are more of a blank page so to speak, having some ideas on how to use them can be really helpful! Here are some of my favorite ways I’ve seen these used:

  • Habit trackers
  • Full digital planners
  • Weekly planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Gratitude journals
  • Note taking 
  • Planner templates
  • budget trackers
  • School notebook

Come back and visit often to see what new Goodnotes freebies and other digital planning freebies are being added. Also, feel free to leave any ideas you have for freebies below!

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  1. I find all of your goodnote templates very colorful and beautifully made. I would like a few different color templates with dotted paper (like the graph paper).

    Thank you for your work!

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