January Freebie: Free Digital Journal With 8 Hyperlinked Tabs

January Freebie: Free Digital Journal With 8 Hyperlinked Tabs

The first freebie for January of 2022 is this free digital journal with eight hyperlinked tabs. It also comes with a lined paper page you can copy as many times as you’d like so your journal can grow with you and always have the perfect number of pages. 

How to Download Your Digital Journal

If using Goodnotes:

  • Click the Goodnotes button under the image below. 
  •  Go to your download file. 
  • Click to unzip the file. 
  • Open the Goodnotes file and click the share button
  • Share to Goodnotes. 
  • Select “Import as a new document”

If using another app:

  • Click the PDF button under the image below.
  • Go to your downloads. 
  • Open the PDF.
  • Import the PDF into whichever PDF annotation app you use. 
Free Digital Journal

How to use your free digital journal

Once you have the journal imported into Goodnotes or any other PDF annotation app you can begin using it right away! There is one lined paper page after each of the dividers. All you have to do is copy this page whenever you need another. If you fill the page before copying and pasting, don’t worry. You can just copy, paste, then clear the page.

Both the tabs and the section buttons on the first page (shown below) get you to the dividers. You can write or use the text feature to label your section button. 

Don’t forget- you need to click the button circled in the image below (if using goodnotes) to be able to switch between clicking the buttons and tabs and writing and editing in your journal. 


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Be sure to check out all of our other free digital journals, notebooks, and planners here! And as always, come back often and see what new free items we have to share with you! 

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