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3 Free Lock Screen Wallpapers With February Calendars




Free Lock Screen Wallpapers

3 Free Lock Screen Wallpapers With February Calendars

February will be here before we know it, so here are three free lock screen wallpapers with February calendars for your phone! They are both aesthetically pleasing, and functional too! 

How to use your free lock screen wallpapers

  • If saving from your phone:
  • Click and hold the wallpaper you want, then click save to your device. You can also click the download button below the wallpaper. 
  • Go to your photos, select share, then set as lock screen wallpaper. 
If saving from your computer:
  • Either right-click on the wallpaper you’d like or click the download button under the wallpaper you want. 
  • Click save to your device. 
  • Send it to yourself via email or airdrop. 
  • Go to your photos, select share, then set as your lock screen wallpaper. 

I hope these lock screen wallpapers bring you a little bit of joy each time you check your phone! Be sure to check back every single month for more free cell phone wallpapers and lock screen wallpapers. 

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