10 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

Life is complicated. I’m sure that’s something that’s been said and typed millions of times. It’s not news, but it’s certainly true. Finding some ways to simplify your life a little bit can help. But if you’re anything like me, the idea of doing a bunch of stuff to try to make your life simpler might seem complicated and counterproductive. So I’ve spent some time making a small list of things you can do right now to help simplify your life and maybe make things feel just a little less complicated without it seeming like a huge task in itself. We will call this the baby steps to ways to simplify your life. 

Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

  1. Make some lists. Whether it be a goals list, a to-do list, or some other type of list, make it. It’ll help your brain feel a little less full and hopefully take away some of the pressure you may have on yourself right now, not to forget all that is going on in your head right now. 
  2. Declutter the area you spend most of your time in. This is a smaller and more manageable task than “declutter your entire home.” Just think about the space you spend most of your time in and do your best to declutter what you can. 
  3. Make tomorrow’s meals. Help your tomorrow self feel a little less pressure by making or preparing one or all of your meals ahead of time. Maybe you make your lunch for tomorrow and put it in the fridge. If that seems like too much right now, just set your box of cereal out with a bowl and prep your coffee maker for tomorrow’s breakfast. You don’t have to spend 4 hours doing meal prep. 
  4. Prepare some ready-made snacks—this kind of goes along with the previous one. Have a space in your cabinet or fridge for snacks that you can grab whenever you need a little pick me up. This makes one less thing you need to worry or think about throughout your day. 
  5. Get rid of one thing. Again, we are trying to make it simple here and not take off more than we can chew. Decluttering is a wonderful thing and can definitely simplify your life, but baby steps, remember. Just find one thing you no longer need a day and get rid of it. Somedays, this may even lead to the urge to purge everything in your home that no longer serves a purpose but aim small if you need to. 
  6. Say no. You know the saying – something about no being a complete sentence. But seriously. Say no if you need to. Say no if you want to. Say no if it doesn’t feel right. If you need an easy night in to do absolutely nothing or to take care of something, say no. Put yourself first every once in a while. 
  7. Cancel a subscription. I’d bet a lot of you have at least one subscription you don’t use. Maybe it’s paid. Maybe it’s free. Maybe it’s just an email subscription. Just do your best to find one subscription to cancel. If it leads to more, great. If not, pat yourself on the back anyway. 
  8. Delete some emails. If you’re like me, you could probably delete hundreds of emails. But again, start small. Delete ten a day until your email list is cleared out. Or at least thinned out a little. 
  9. Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. This might not seem like it’ll do much for you. But giving yourself ten extra minutes in the morning can make your life just a little easier. You can use the spare time for some self-care or just use the time to slow down and take your time while getting ready so your day doesn’t start so rushed. 
  10. Delete apps you don’t need. This will help simplify and declutter your phone. 
Feel free to add your own ideas to this list of ways to simplify your life right now! 

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