Printable To Do Lists

This page is full of free printable to-do lists for you to download and print over and over! 

Each printable to do list is a letter-sized PDF. The best part (besides the whole everything is free part)? Once you download the file, it’s yours to print whenever you need! 

Keeping a to-do list can help with productivity, organization, and even motivation. Having a physical copy of the things you need to do is a great way to stay on task. Feel free to download as many of the below to-do list templates as you need. 

Maybe you print a to-do list for home, a to-do list for work, and a to-do list for the classroom. These aren’t dates specific, so you could download them all in a folder even if you don’t plan to use them all right now so you have an entire list of to-do list PDFs to reference at any time in the future. 

How To Download and Use the To Do Lists

Downloading and printing these to-do lists is so easy you’ll have dozens of templates added to your library for future use in no time! 

All you need to do is click the link under each of the to-do lists you want, find the files in your downloads folder, then go to file and print.

Print one for you, one for your work mates, and one for your family. Then, come back for more!

Kitty Cat To-Do List Printable

This adorable kitty cat to-do list printable was made with some of the clipart images from our free watercolor cat clipart set! Feel free to download the set to make matching designs for your new kitty cat to-do list!

printable to do list with watercolor cats in the corners

Printable To-Do List Template

This watercolor printable to-do list template will add a little splash of color to your next project! Download and keep a copy for anytime you need to jot a few things down that you need to do. It works great for planners, projects, and other types of lists. Keep a copy of the PDF on your device and print one whenever you need!

Pink and purple watercolor to do list printable on a blue background

Floral To-Do List Printable

This cute floral to-do list printable gives spring vibes, but these colors deserve a spot in your planner or on your fridge all year long! Print one whenever you have a new project or when you have so much to remember you’ll start forgetting what you need to do unless you write it down (this is mostly a note from me to… me).

floral to do list template on a desktop

Butterfly To-Do List Template Printable

This cute Butterly to-do list template is super simple and super versatile! You can three-hole punch it and put it in a binder, you can put it in your printable planner, or you can use it as a stand alone sheet in the classroom, at home, or in the office! Working on a project? Make Sure to print yourself one of these. 

Be sure to save the file somewhere safe so you can print a new one each time you need a fresh new to-do list template!

To do list printable with a Butterly and the words to-do at the top

Printable To-Do List Cards

This 1-page PDF comes with six to-do list cards on the sheet for you to use as is or to cut into individual cards! This is a great way to make yourself some mini to do lists! You can also print these on sticker paper and make yourself some to-do stickers!

set of black and white to-do list cards

Printable Fall To-Do List

This to-do list comes from my Fall to-do list article! You can check it out and find my list of ideas for Fall bucket list ideas! 

Printable To Do Lists Set of 7

This 7-page cute printable to do lists template pack is completely free and has a matching lined paper set! 

Use them all, or mix and match depending on what you’re feeling that day! 

Printable to do lists templates with stars

Free Printable To Do Lists PDF

This newest free printable to-do list PDF comes with five different color combinations so you can mix and match your tasks for the day. Just print and cut!

Free Printable To Do List PDF

Fun Ideas For Your To-Do List Printables

-Laminating! You can laminate your printable to do lists and use them over and over! You can also buy some cute clips, pins, or twine from the dollar store and get creative with your laminated to-do list printable!

to do list printable

Halloween To Do Lists Printable BUNDLE

This Halloween to-do list bundle will get you ready to plan any Halloween activity or Halloween party! Print one for home, one for your planner, one for the office, and one for the classroom. Click the download button below to add these fun printable to do lists to your festive printable collection!

Halloween To-Do List Printable

Weekly To-Do List Printable

This cute weekly to-do list comes with a beautiful galaxy background that’s sure to bring some color to your space! Print one for your planner and one for your fridge!

8.5x11 PDF printable to do list with blank boxes and no lines

Weekly To Do List Printable

This to-do list for the week has the same design as the one above, but there are lines rather than blank boxes, so you can choose the best design! This one also comes with a “thoughts and notes” section! 

8.5x11 PDF Printable to do list with check boxes and lines

Things I Should Probably Do

I originally made this printable because I usually fill out my printable to do lists like this. I write down the things I KNOW I should probably do, and then I don’t get to them all (or any of them, haha) because I got lost down some random rabbit hole or starting a new project! So we will call this the “realistic to-do list” for those of us who are just being honest with ourselves. 

To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

Blank List Printable

Use this blank list to-do printable for any new project! Download and print as many as you need!

Free Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

To Do List

Printable To Do Lists Templates

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list. Print and cut on the dotted line to make yourself two lists at the same time!

Two Column List

This printable comes with two to-do lists on the page so you can download, print, then cut on the dotted line saving you paper and taking up less space!

Free Printable To Do Templates

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list. Print and cut down the middle!

More to-do list templates with two columns! These are great to have on your device, just in case you need a quick to-do list. Cut on the dotted line and put one away fro later!

To Do List

Free Printable To-Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list. Just print and cut down the middle!

To Do List printables

To-Do List Printable

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list. Just print and cut down the middle!

Having these printable to do list templates on hand to jot down your task list is a great way to keep yourself organized. Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

"This Week" Weekly To-Do List

This printable to-do list will help get your week organized! Each day has it’s own section for a to-do list to you can put your top priorities on this list and see the whole week at a glance!

Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable weekly to do list. Monday through Sunday!

Printable To Do List

Free Printable To Do Lists

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list. Print and cut on the dotted line!

*TIP- print and laminate your printable to-do lists so you can reuse them with a dry erase marker. Don’t forget to give one to each of the kids so they can help out and remember what needs to be done too!

Weekly Task List Printable

This set of printables comes with one printable weekly to-do list with a notes section and one without! Download and print them both and see which works best for you! 

Printable To Do Lists

Free Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF format free printable to do list

Printable To Do Lists

Free Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF format free printable to do list

Benefits of using printable to do lists

I feel like people have been using lists of all kinds since the beginning of time, so it seems a little silly and obvious that there are benefits to using a to-do list, but I’ll still leave a few of my favorites in case you need some more inspiration to start using them! 

  1. You’ll be less likely to forget what you need to do, which can also help lighten the stress brought on by the mental load of trying to remember everything. 
  2. You can prioritize what you need to do by organizing your to-do list template from most important to least important. 
  3. It’s easier to track your progress so you can decide what still needs to be done and what might be able to wait for another day.
To Do List Printable

Free Printable To Do Lists templates

8.5x11 letter size PDF free to-do list printable

Free Printable To Do Lists templates

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list templates

*TIP- 3 hole punch your printable to do lists and keep them in a binder with your printable planner for better organization.

Want to check out our printable planners?

Check out the printable planner section to find planners to go with your free printable to-do lists! There is a wide variety of letter-sized planners that you can use over and over each week, month, or year. Check back often as we upload new and exciting printables each week! 

"To Get Done" To-Do Lists

These simple but cute to-do lists will help you keep track of all the things “to get done.” I you want these to-do list templates, but with two columns, check out the to-do templates below. 

To Do List Printable

To Get Done Template

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

To Get Done Printable

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

*TIP- You can keep a few different to-do lists based on your timeline. Keep a daily for what needs to be done right now and a longer-term to-do list for things that need to get done weekly or monthly. 

"To Get Done" with Two Columns

These have the same design as above, but with two columns! I recommend downloading both styles so that you have them on hand. You never know when you will need to switch from one column to two (we are making life-changing decisions here, people.)

Printable To Do Lists

Free Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

Printable To Do Lists

Free Printable To Do List

8.5x11 letter size PDF free printable to do list

Interested in making your own printables for yourself or your blog? Check out my article How to Make Printables.

I’d love to see what you create! 

Why Use To-Do List Printables

Using to-do list printables can offer several advantages:

Visual Organization: To-do list printables provide a clear and visual way to organize your tasks and priorities. They allow you to see your responsibilities at a glance, which can help reduce overwhelm and improve productivity.
Tangible Format: While digital to-do lists have their benefits, printables offer a tangible format that some people find more satisfying and effective. Physically crossing off completed tasks can provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
Customization: Printable to-do lists often come in various formats and layouts, allowing you to choose the design that suits your preferences and needs. You can find printables with different sections, such as prioritization, deadlines, notes, or categories, making it easier to tailor your to-do list to your specific requirements.
Accessibility: With a printed to-do list, you don’t need to rely on electronic devices or an internet connection. You can keep it on your desk, carry it in a notebook, or pin it to a bulletin board—ensuring you always have access to your tasks without worrying about battery life or technical issues.
Mental Focus and Clarity: Writing tasks down on paper can help you clarify your thoughts and mentally process your responsibilities. It allows you to unload your mind and externalize your to-do’s, which can reduce stress and free up mental space for more creative or complex thinking.
Time Management: Printables often come with designated spaces for deadlines, estimated time for completion, or time-blocking sections. These features can help you better manage your time, prioritize tasks, and ensure you allocate sufficient time for each activity.
Accountability and Progress Tracking: By having a physical record of your tasks, you can easily review completed tasks, track progress, and evaluate your productivity over time. This visual feedback can be motivating and assist you in identifying patterns, improving efficiency, and staying accountable.
Remember, the choice between digital and printable to-do lists ultimately depends on your personal preferences and workflow. Some individuals find that combining both methods works best for them, using digital options for on-the-go access and printables for focused planning and task management.

Digital To Do List

Would you prefer to keep your to-do list digitally? Take a look at our free digital notebooks! This is another super fun way to keep a to-do list if you prefer using your tablet for computer!

Free Digital Notebook
Free Digital Journal

Be sure to check out all of our other printables under the printables tab! Bookmark this page so you can check back often for new stuff! Feel free to share with your friends and family!