Free Printable Fall To-Do List

Fall is officially here! Use this printable fall to-do list to organize fall projects or plan your fall bucket list.

Keep reading to find out how to download. Feel free to leave a comment about how you plan to use your to-do list to inspire others. I would LOVE to read about it!

How to download and print the to-do list

Downloading this Hello Fall to-do list is easy, just follow these steps:

  •  Click the download button below.
  • Find the to-do list PDF in your downloads folder and open it. 
  • Go to file, then print. 
  • Print as many copies as you need!

Fall Bucket List Ideas

I’ve made a list of some fall bucket list ideas for those of you downloading this to-do list to use as a fall bucket list! 

Here they are:

1. Go for a hike

Get your hiking boots ready! Fall scenery gives hiking an extra bit of magic with the changing colors of the leaves and the crisp fresh air.

2. Visit an apple orchard

Find a local apple orchard and make a day of hand-picking some apples. Take it a step further and make some apple pie at home!

3. Leaf gazing

Hop in the car and drive around the neighborhood to find the best fall scenery (kind of like when you hop in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights).

4. Pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch

I couldn’t make this list without including pumpkins and pumpkin patches! Find your local pumpkin patch and take the family out to pick out some fall pumpkins. Pumpkin patches usually have other fun activities for the whole family, so you can make a whole day of it! 

5. Make apple cider

A quick Google search brings up some awesome-looking apple cider recipes, which look pretty easy. Share in the comments below if you have a favorite recipe or a website of your own with some recipes!

5. Eat pie

This one will be easy if you made a pie after visiting the apple orchard (idea number #2). No worries if you didn’t! Just head over to your local grocery store or bakery and pick out a yummy fall pie!

Share if you have any favorite bucket list ideas you’d like everyone else to try!

To-Do List Collection

This isn’t the only to-do list on the site. I actually have an entire page dedicated to other types of to-do list templates, and the list is growing! 

Here is an example of what you will find over on the printable to-do list part of the website:

Printable stars lined paper template

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