Writing Paper with Picture Box

This printable writing paper with a picture box is super versatile and can provide lots of fun and learning for anyone of any age!

How to Print and Use

This writing paper is super fun and can be used over and over however you’d like!

You can print both pages or just the one you need. I like to print a few of each and hand them to the kids to make a short story. The first page is perfect for when they want to add a picture, and the second page is perfect for when they just want to write. Usually, it ends up being a mixture of both here!  

Follow these steps to print and use:

  • Click on the download button below. 
  • Go to the folder on your device that has your downloads. 
  • Save the PDF somewhere so you can access it at any time (i recommend starting a folder called Spec on a Speck just in case you come back for more). 
  • Go to file, then print.  
  • Choose which pages to print. 

Writing Paper with Picture Box PDF

Other Writing Paper and Lined Paper

I have been on a mission to provide as much printable lined paper as possible for you all. It’s just so versatile and fun and making it is just as fun! 

Download them all if you’d like!

Printable Lined Paper
printable lined paper template with stars and dots

Printable Graph Paper

Printable graph paper is another fun option. Head over and see if there are any you would like to download and print at home!

free printable graph paper with 7 different colors

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