May 2023 Goodnotes Freebies

It’s time for some more Goodnotes freebies! This article is for all the Goodnotes free items that I put out during the month of May 2023. Be sure to check back throughout the month as I work on new free items throughout the month (new items added to the bottom of the list)! 

How to download and use

I have made Goodnotes files for all the freebies so importing is easy, but for some of the items I also list either the PNG files (stickers) or the PDF file (templates and notebooks) in case you would rather use those file types instead. This also means you can use these freebies if you are using a planning app other than Goodnotes. 

Free Goodnotes Stickers

This section is dedicated to all of the free Goodntoes stickers for May! You can download the zip file, then either use the Goodnotes file or the PNG files if you prefer. Let me know if you have any questions!

Goodnotes Sticker Sheet 1 for May 2023

This first sticker sheet contains seven grid-style note stickers with a vintage floral ephemera theme. You can use them as is or resize as you go. Just copy and past from the Goodnotes file, or drag and drop from the PNG folder. 

antique Goodnotes stickers ephemera sticker notes with grid paper

Goodnotes Sticker Sheet 2 for May 2023

flower goodnotes stickers 5 windows on tablet

May 2023 Sticker Sheet 3

This summer pool party sticker sheet is great to have on hand for the fast-approaching summer season! This free sticker sheet comes as a Goodnotes file. If you would like the PNGs you can find them here in our clipart section! 

various summer items as goodnotes stickers

Free Digital Notebooks for Goodnotes

These digital notebooks for Goodnotes are free! They are simple lined paper notebooks. This means all you need to do is download and import either the PDF or the Goodnotes file into your note taking app and then copy and paste the lined paper page as many times as you need to make it the size that you want!

May 2023 Goodnotes Notebook 1

notebook for goodnotes with lined paper

May 2023 Goodnotes Notebook 2

This notebook is a free one subject notebook, which is a sample from our newest $1 items in the shop (see below)! Download for free, then just copy and paste the lined paper page as many times as you would like!

Goodnotes notebook 2 may 2023

Goodnotes Templates

These free Goodnotes templates are part of the May 2023 Goodnotes freebies collection! I have included both the PDF and the Goodnotes file. Once you download the zip, open either the Goodnotes file or the PDF, then select share, then select share to Goodnotes (or other PDF annotation app).  

May 2023 Goodnotes Template 1

goodnotes template with burgundy flowers

May 2023 Goodnotes Template 2

daily plan goodnotes template

The June Goodnotes freebies are here! Remember, more is added throughout the month so be sure to bookmark the page and visit often!

New $1 Goodnotes Notebook Section

Feel free to check out our new $1 Goodnotes notebook section of the shop once your are done browsing our May freebies! 

beautiful bird cover goodnotes notebooks

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