Free Book Stacks Goodnotes Stickers

These adorable floral book stack Goodnotes stickers are today’s freebie! Feel free to download them and use them in your Goodnotes journals, notebooks, or planners. I have also included the PNGs in this file if you’d rather use those instead. 

How to use and download

All you need to do to access this free sticker sheet is click the download button below. Once you do that, you can either choose between the Goodnotes file or the PNGs. I recommend keeping both in case you need one or the other at a later date. 

For the Goodnotes sticker sheet:

  • Share the Goodnotes file to Goodnotes, use the lasso tool to copy the sticker you want, then paste the stickers wherever you’d like within the Goodnotes app!

For other apps besides Goodnotes:

  • Open the PNGs folder. 
  • Click and drag the PNGs into your planning app or import them. You may need to look up the best way depending on which digital planning app you are using. 


stacks of books stickers for Goodnotes

More free Goodnotes stickers

If you are looking for more free Goodnotes stickers, feel free to use the menu above to filter by year, otherwise just head over to our free Goodnotes stickers section!

If you have any requests for future Goodnotes stickers, please leave a comment below!

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