January 2023 Goodnotes Freebies

Start the new year with some January 2023 Goodnotes freebies! Some of the free items for Goodnotes are specific to January 2023, and some of them can be used for the rest of forever, so be sure to save those somewhere safe so you can reuse them each month if you like.

NOTE- these Goodnotes freebies can be used with most PDF annotation apps, but they are NOT sized to be printed. If you are looking for free printables, be sure to check the menu above. There you will find hundreds of items sized for printing.

Free Goodnotes Templates

Each of the below Goodnotes templates comes sized just for Goodnotes (this means they are not sized to be printed) and each includes both a PDF file and a Goodnotes file!

You will find Goodnotes calendars, Goodnotes papers, and more!


  • Click the download link under each of the Goodnotes templates you want.
  • Open the zip file.
  • Open either the PDF file or the Goodnotes file. If you open the Goodnotes file you usually don’t even need to import. It just opens in Goodnotes.
  • Select “Open in Goodnotes”.
  • Select “import as a new document”.

Goodnotes Calendar Templates for January 2023

The Goodnotes calendar templates below include both undated and dated calendar designs so you can choose between filling out the dates yourself, or using the dated versions and hopping right into your monthly planning. Choose your favorites or try them all.

Blank Goodnotes Calendar Template

This blank Goodnotes calendar template can be used for January 2023 and every month after! All you need to do is make a new copy each month and fill in the dates below.

Hex codes:




Blank Calendar for Goodnotes

Remember to save the undated templates somewhere safe so you can access them anytime during the year. I like to save them all in one place so I can pick the style I am feeling for any particular month! Use hex code #384E77 if you want to match your pen color when writing the month in.

Green Calendar Template for Goodnotes

Save this calendar template to use in your Goodnotes or other PDF annotation app any month of the year! This calendar template for Goodnotes uses hex code #8BBEB2.

Goodnotes Calendar Template

This January 2023 calendar template uses hex code #B0A4FF. Take note of this in case you want to match your pen color in the Goodnotes app to your calendar! Click the download button below to download both the PDF and the Goodnotes files.

Goodnotes Calendar Template

Use hex code #FFA4F0 if you want your Goodnotes pen color to match this calendar!

Goodnotes January 2023 Calendar Template

This Goodnotes January calendar for 2023 uses the hex code #FFA8A4. Use this hex code when choosing your Goodnotes pen color to match your calendar template.

January 2023 Calendar for Goodnotes Template

Use hex code #8BD591 when planning with this January 2023 template for Goodnotes!

January 2023 Freebie: 12-Tab Goodnotes Notebooks

Blank 12-tab digital notebooks are my favorite notebooks because of their versatility and room for creativity.

This Goodnotes notebook can be used as a yearly planner because of the 12 tabs, but the yearly planner can start on any month of the year because it’s undated.

You can also just use it as a digital notebook and use the tabs for 12 different areas of your personal, work, and school life!

Another option is to copy the notebook and use multiple notebooks at once. You can start a fresh copy whenever you need, just be sure to keep a clean copy on your device. Then, whenever you are ready to set up a new Goodnotes notebook, you just go to your files and import the PDF or Goodnotes file into your Goodnotes app as a new document.

Free Goodnotes Notebook

This is the first free Goodnotes notebook of the new year! The download includes a Goodnotes file and a PDF file so you can choose whichever PDF annotation app you want.

What’s Included

Your digital Goodnotes notebook comes with 12 hyperlinked tabs with a corresponding index with hyperlinked sections. The templates page is also hyperlinked and links to each of the individual template pages in one click. You can copy and paste these template pages as many times as you need to make the notebook as big as you’d like.




The included templates are:

  • Narrow lined
  • Wide lined
  • Grid
  • Dotted
  • Blank
  • Daily Plan
  • Weekly Plan (Sunday start and Monday start).
  • Monthly Plan (Sunday start and Monday start).
  • To-do (2 different styles).

How To Use Your Goodnotes Notebook

You can watch the video below for a quick flip through of the Goodnotes notebook and watch me label one of the index sections and add a template to it.

You can also check out the article “How to Use Your Goodnotes Notebook” for more detailed instructions to use all of the Goodnotes notebooks I have created for you!

Goodnotes Sticker Book

Download this free Goodnotes sticker book to go along with the Goodnotes notebook above!

How to Use Your Goodnotes Stickers

Here is a quick flip-through of how to use the sticker book once you have it imported into Goodnotes. To get the sticker book into Goodnotes, just click the download button below, find the file in your files folder, and share it to the Goodnotes app. The stickers are already pre-cropped and ready to be copied and pasted into any notebook, journal, or planner for Goodnotes!

2022 Goodnotes Notebooks

If you haven’t seen our collection of free Goodnotes notebooks released in 2022, be sure to check them out! There are dozens to choose from and you can add them to your collection to use anytime!

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