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  • February 2023 Calendar Printable

    February 2023 Calendar Printable

    Looking for a free February 2023 calendar printable? Yay! I have a whole collection of calendars for this February for you to pick and choose from. You can add these printable calendar templates to a 2023 planner, you can hang them on the wall, or use them as a desk calendar. Using the February Calendar […]

  • January 2023 Goodnotes Freebies

    January 2023 Goodnotes Freebies

    Start the new year with some January 2023 Goodnotes freebies! Some of the free items for Goodnotes are specific to January 2023, and some of them can be used for the rest of forever, so be sure to save those somewhere safe so you can reuse them each month if you like. NOTE- these Goodnotes […]

  • Printable Birthday Tags Free

    Printable Birthday Tags Free

    I love these printable birthday tags because they can be printed, hole-punched, and attached with string OR they can be printed on sticker paper and made into birthday tag stickers! These are great to have on hand for those last-minute gifts and birthday events! What You Get With Your Download Your download comes as a […]

  • Printable 2023 Calendar Templates

    Printable 2023 Calendar Templates

    Step into the new year with these 12 dated printable 2023 calendar templates! All you have to do is click the download button and the PDF is yours to print whenever and wherever you need!  If you’d rather use blank undated calendars, we have those too! You can use those for the year 2023 and […]

  • Printable Daily Gratitude Journal Template

    Printable Daily Gratitude Journal Template

    This free printable daily gratitude journal template is the perfect way to focus on something you’re grateful for at least once a day! The page has space to keep track of your daily gratitude for a whole month. I love this because at the end of the month you have an overview of all of […]

  • At a Glance Monthly Calendar

    At a Glance Monthly Calendar

    This free year at a glance monthly calendar for 2023 can be added to your planner or used as a stand alone sheet on your desk, in your classroom, or at work!  What You Get: Your download comes with a simple 1-page PDF (8.5″x11″)  year at a glance monthly calendar for the year 2023! Save the […]

  • Printable Blank Calendar Templates

    Printable Blank Calendar Templates

    I’ve added a few more printable blank calendar templates as freebies! Pick and choose your favorite ones or just download them all! I love these calendar templates because you add the dates. This means that once you down load the file, you can use it forever!  I suggest keeping a folder of them (there’s more […]

  • Mystic Mushroom Planner Printable

    Mystic Mushroom Planner Printable

    The newest item in the shop is this mystic mushroom printable planner bundle! It comes with a daily planner page, a weekly planner page, and a monthly planner page! This way you can build your printable planner the way you need!  What’s Included After purchase you will receive a 5-page PDF with the following pages: […]

  • Goodnotes Notebook Bundle

    Goodnotes Notebook Bundle

    The newest item in the shop is this digital floral ephemera Goodnotes notebook bundle that includes four 12-subject digital notebooks for Goodnotes and other PDF annotation apps! You can also buy them individually if you’d rather just grab one or two! Use code “Speck50” for 50% off! What’s Included: This bundle includes four digital notebooks. Each […]

  • Calendar for January 2023

    Calendar for January 2023

    This floral winter calendar for January 2023 is printable AND free! Just download the file and fill in your important dates! How to Use Calendar for January 2023 It’s super easy to use the calendar printable! Just follow these steps: Scroll down and click the button labeled “Calendar for January 2023”.  Go to your downloads […]