Goodnotes BIG Bundle of 60 Notebooks

The Goodnotes BIG bundle of $1 notebooks has been updated! There are now 60 (NOW 72!) notebooks in the bundle and you can get it for $9.99! If you were to purchase each of the notebooks separately it would be $60! You also get ALL FUTURE $1 Goodnotes notebooks that will be added to the bundle! 

What Comes in the BIG Bundle

The big bundle of $1 Goodnotes notebooks comes with a PDF and a Goodnotes file for each of the notebooks! This means that you will get 72 PDFs and 72 Goodnotes files!

ALSO- once you purchase the bundle, you can come back and re-download the bundle each time there is an update with new notebooks added! 

Because I provide the PDF files, this means you can use the notebooks in digital planning apps other than Goodnotes. Just make sure your app allows hyperlinked PDFs! Please reach out if you have any questions! 

Take a Peek Inside Some of the Notebooks!

Here are some photos of the inside of some of the notebooks in the bundle! 

goodnotes notebooks with fall pastel pattern on the front

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