Free Halloween Reward Tickets Printable

I am SO excited about this free Halloween reward tickets printable! I will post instructions for downloading, printing, and using the printable as well as share a few photos of how I set up this Halloween-themed printable reward system in our house! 

We love reward charts here, but this makes the reward system super fun, especially with it being Halloween-themed! Be sure to come back and check out other holiday reward printables in my reward chart printables section! 

How to download and print

Downloading this reward tickets printable is super easy! You can pick and choose which pages you want to print (you might want to make multiple copies of some of the pages) once you download the PDF. 

Instructions :

  • Click the button below that says “Download Free Halloween Reward Tickets Printable”. 
  • Find the PDF in your downloads. 
  • Scroll through and pick which pages you want to print! 

I recommend keeping a fresh copy of this printable on your device so you can come back and print more when you need! 

What's included in the reward tickets printable

You will get a 5-page printable with the following:

  • 2 ticket pages
  • 1 prize cost page
  • 1 “Ways to Earn Tickets” page
  • 1 “Good for One” page

How to set up the Halloween Reward Chart System

You can make setting up your Hallwoeen reward system as simple or as detailed as you’d like! We made a couple of trips to the Dollar store to take it up a notch, but you can also just hand out the tickets and have some prizes at the end of each week! I would love to hear how you use the reward tickets in the comments below! 

Here are some ideas for setting up the Halloween tickets/reward system!


halloween bowls on a table with the reward tickets printed and cut out

Decorate your space

Now this step is optional, but it makes the whole ticket/reward system super fun and encouraging and we got all of the items in this photo for under $20! A few tablecloths, some Halloween decor, some bowls, some buckets, and some treats, and we were all set! 

Use any container to hold the tickets

We didn’t want earned tickets to get lost throughout the week, so I picked up these little Halloween buckets for $1 at the dollar store for them to put their earned tickets in each day! 

Halloween bowls to hold the prizes

I also picked up a few Halloween bowls to hold the prizes! I used the “These prizes cost” printables to label how much he prizes in each of the bowls would cost! You can also see the “Good for One” printables here. These are great for things like out to eat or family movie night prizes! 

Download the Halloween Tickets Printable!

Click the purple button below to download your Halloween ticket printable! 

5 pages of a free halloween reward tickets printable system with cartoon halloween characters

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