Printable Planners

This page is home to all printable planners in the Spec on a Speck shop! I have hundreds to add, so bookmark the page and come back often. I will be adding them as fast as I possibly can! 

If you have any ideas or requests for printable planners, let me know! I will do my best to get to them!

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Daily - Weekly - Monthly
Printable Planner Bundles

These simple 3-page printable planners give you flexibility and freedom to build your planner as you go! Somedays you may want to use your daily, weekly, and monthly pages, while other days you may only need to use one of them! No more waste and unused planner pages!

You will get a 5-page 8.5″x11″ PDF (there are three printable templates, but the weekly template and monthly template both come with a Sunday start and a Monday start- making it 5 pages total).

Bokeh Stars Printable Planner

3 planner pages with the words daily plan weekly plan and monthly plan at the top with green and pink pokey stars on all of them

Purple Bokeh Printable Planner

rainbow stars design on 3 printable planner pages that say daily plan weekly plan and monthly plan

Distressed Floral Printable Planner

Distressed Floral Printable Planner with monthly weekly and daily at the top of each page

Mystic Mushroom Printable Planner

planner templates with words daily weekly monthly at the top with mushroom background