Free Goodnotes Stickers Days of the Week

Today’s freebies are these three sets of free Goodnotes stickers! These days of the week stickers come with both a Goodnotes file and the PNGs so you can use them in the Goodnotes app AND other digital planning apps! 

How to Use the Free Goodnotes Stickers

Using these free days of the week Goodnotes stickers is super easy! Just follow the simple steps below and come back and let me know if you have any questions! 

Digital Sticker Instructions:

  •  Click the download button under each of the digital Goodnotes sticker sheets you want. 
  • Locate the zip folders in your downloads and unzip them. 
  • To use the Goodnotes file, open it and share to Goodnotes. Then just use the lasso tool to copy and paste your stickers. 
  • If you use the the PNGs, just drag and drop them into your planning app. 

Black Goodnotes Stickers - Days of the Week

Keep this set of black days of the week Goodnotes stickers on hand to use in any of your digital journals, planners, or notebooks! 

Black days of the week digital stickers

Purple Days of the Week Digital Stickers for Goodnotes

Add a pop of color with this set of purple digital stickers for Goodnotes! These are a great option when you need to quickly label your days of the week in your Goodnotes planner or notebook. 

Pink Days of the Weeks Digital Stickers for Goodnotes

Combine these pink weekday digital stickers with the purple and black sets from above to make your week fun and colorful! You can keep them all in a folder in your Goodnotes app and pull from them whenever you need to label your days of the week. 

pink Goodnotes stickers of the days of the week digital stickers on tablet

Other free Goodnotes stickers

I have an entire section dedicated to free Goodnotes stickers! Be sure to check them out and leave your suggestions below for future free digital sticker sets!

Free Goodnotes Notebooks

I also have tons of free Goodnotes notebooks that you can use these free stickers in. Feel free to head on over there, download all the notebooks you would like, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! 

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