Moon and Stars Digital Stickers

This set of free digital stickers can be used in your Goodnotes app or any other digital planning app! I include the Goodnotes file and the folder containing all the individual PNGs so you can choose how to use them and where. 

How to use the digital stickers

To use the moon and stars digital stickers, just follow the steps below. If you have any questions, leave a comment! 


  • Click the button below that says “Moon and Stars Digital Stickers”. 
  • Locate the zip file in your downloads. 
  • Either share the Goodnotes file to your Goodnotes app and use the lasso tool to copy and paste your stickers, or drag and drop the PNGs into your digital planning app. 

What's included

Your digital sticker file will include:

  •  One folder with 8 sticker PNGs that can be imported into any digital planning app. 
  •  One Goodnotes file with the pre cropped digital stickers on the sticker sheet for you to use in your Goodnotes app. 
moon and stars digital stickers on a tablet in the goodnotes app

Other digital stickers for Goodnotes and other apps

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If you have ideas or requests for future free sticker sheets, drop them below! 

Free digital notebooks

If you are looking for some free digital notebooks to use your new free digital stickers in, be sure to check out my free digital notebook section

You can find the below notebook in the free digital notebook section. Grab your copy and let me know what you think! 

Monthly Goodnotes Freebies

You can also find lots of fun free items for Goodnotes and other free digital planning apps in my monthly Goodnotes freebies section! The below notebook is an example of one of the many free items you can find there! 

Goodnotes pages including goodnotes notebook cover, index pages, and dividers with pink, orange, and blue color

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