21 Antique Keys Clipart

This set of 21 antique keys clipart images is the first freebie in our antique clipart section

Downloading the antique keys clipart

Downloading this set of antique keys clipart is simple! All you need to do is click the button below that says “Download Free Antique Keys Clipart”. Once you have done that, look for the zip folder in your downloads called “Antique Keys PNGs” and unzip the folder. Then you can save the folder containing the 21 antique keys clipart on your device and start designing! 

watercolor antique keys

Using the keys clipart as Goodnotes stickers

Here I show how to use the antique keys clipart as Goodnotes stickers. You can just drag and drop them into your planner or notebook! It works the same if you would like to use the clipart to make your own designs but rather than dragging and dropping them into Goodnotes you just drop them into your design program of choice!

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