Digital Planner Free – One Month Daily Planner

I am SO excited to give you this digital planner free! It’s a one-month daily planner with hyperlinks, tabs, extra templates, and custom sections! I also included a Sunday and a Monday start and a PDF and Goodnotes file for each. That way you can customize it to your needs in your favorite digital planning app!

Downloading is super easy! You can find both the instructions for downloading the digital planner free and a tour of the inside of the planner below. 

Be sure to come back to see more variations of this planner (coming soon)!

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy this one-month daily digital planner! 

How to download the digital planner free

To download this daily digital planner free, follow these easy steps and let me know if any questions come up! 

  1. Click the button under the planner tour below that says “Download the Digital Planner Free”. 
  2. Locate the zip file in your downloads. 
  3. Unzip the folder (your device may do the for you). 
  4. Choose either the PDF or the Goodnotes file (remember, there is a Sunday and Monday start option). 
  5. Click the share button and choose the digital planning app you are using (they have been tested in Goodnotes and Notability). 
  6. Start planning in your new digital planner! 

Tour of the free digital planner

Take a quick look inside the one-month daily digital planner to see what’s inside and how it works! 

A home and index page of a digital planner free showing all of the extra templates and hyperlinks that can be found

Three Digital Planner Covers

This free digital planner comes with three digital planner covers for you to choose from. You can leave all three at the front of the planner and switch them out or you can delete the two you don’t want. Each of the covers has a notepad to the left for you to leave notes on or to decorate with my free digital stickers

3 digital planner covers, one in green, one yellow, and one dark red

10 Digital Planner Templates Included

This free digital planner also comes with ten built-in templates that you can duplicate throughout the planner as many times as you’d like! Just copy the template you need, go to anywhere in the planner and paste the page!

The digital planner templates are:

  • Blank 
  • Lined
  • Dotted
  • Grid
  •  Daily Gratitude
  • Weekly Self-Care
  • Meal Plan and Groceries
  • Daily Wellness
  • Habit Tracker
  • Vision Board
the words "10 templates" and the templates of a digital planner
10 hyperlinked digital templates on two pages of a digital planner

Digital Monthly Calendar Overview

There is a monthly calendar template that links to the weeks of the month making it easy to go from the month to the week views. There is also a monthly overview page with space for each day of the month. Both of these digital planner pages are meant to give you an overview of your month so you don’t miss any important dates while doing your digital planning!

a monthly calendar and a monthly overview page of a digital planner for goodnotes and notability

Weekly Planner Pages in the Digital Planner

There are six weekly planner pages in this free digital journal. It may seem a little weird to have six, but this comes in handy for those months that take up six rows on the calendar. You can get to these weekly pages with the hyperlinked tabs on the left side of the notebook as well as the hyperlinks on the side of the monthly view! 

weekly pages of a goodnotes digital planner

Daily Planner Pages

My favorite part about this free digital planner is the 31 daily pages. On the left page, I have a daily page you can fill out and on the right, you will find a dotted blank page. I love this setup because sometimes I don’t need to plan every single day, but when I do skip a day, I can always go back and add notes or photos from that day to the dotted page. 

daily pages of a goodnotes free digital planner with tabs and hyperlinks

Custom Digital Planner Sections

I have included three custom sections for you to use however you’d like. You can label them in the index and fill them with any of the ten included templates! The hyperlinks in the index correspond with the three color tabs at the top of the planner making it easy to get to the sections. This makes it like a mini built-in notebook in your digital planner! 

three custom sections of a digital planner with a notes page

Download the digital planner free

Click the button below and your download will start automatically! Your zip file will include a PDF and a Goodnotes file for Monday start and Sunday start. If you need more help, follow the instructions above, or reach out to me! 

How to Use the Free Digital Planner

I created another video to show you exactly how to use the templates, hyperlinks, and custom sections in my digital planners! This applies to all of my free and paid digital planners as well as my digital notebooks. Let me know if you have any questions! 

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