Spiral Paper Notebooks (Physical Notebooks) In the Shop!

So many people come from my digital notebooks section asking if those designs are available as paper notebooks, so I made it happen! Spec on a Speck is now working with a distributor to bring you guys Spiral Notebooks (these are PHYSICAL paper notebooks, not digital notebooks)!

Take a Peek Inside the Paper Notebooks

Each of the paper notebooks has the same design, specs, and layout, but each has a different unique cover! 

Here are some of the details:

118 Ruled Pages
Spiral Bound
Front Cover Print
Dark Grey Back Cover

Here are some of the notebooks! Feel free to leave a comment with questions or reach out to me! 

Thanks for checking out my new spiral notebooks

I am so excited for you guys to check out these new spiral notebooks! I would love to hear if you guys are more into paper notebooks or digital notebooks! Let me know in the comments below! And feel free to let me know what covers you’d like to see on either physical or digital notebooks! 

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