10 Free Raspberry Clipart Images

You will love designing with this new set of 10 free raspberry clipart images! Whether you are looking to make a yummy dessert design or you are just wanting to bulk up your digital stickers collection, this adorable set of raspberry images is a must! 

Ways to use your raspberry clipart images

If you have been here a while you know I always like to leave some ideas for each new clipart set and I love to hear your ideas, too. I will leave my list below, feel free to add your design ideas in the comments below! 

Ways to use the raspberry clipart:

  • Digital stickers: I’m excited to use this set of raspberry images in my digital notebooks and digital planner! I just open my Goodnotes app and drag and drop the PNGs onto the page!
  • Menu printable: you can design an adorable menu for a party or get-together with the raspberry clipart.
  •  Party invites: you can use the clipart to make matching (with the menu idea above) party invites to a raspberry-themed party or get-together. 
  •  Raspberry recipe card: use the raspberry clipart to make a special raspberry recipe card for your loved ones. 

How to download the raspberry clipart images

To download the raspberry clipart bundle, follow the instructions below. Once you are done with that be sure to come back and check out the rest of the free clipart images.


  • Click the “Download Free Raspberry Clipart Images” below. 
  • Find the zip file in your downloads labeled “Raspberry clipart PNGs”. 
  • Unzip the folder and save it to your desktop. I recommend making a folder for Spec on a Speck freebies so you can organize all the clipart and other free digital items. 
  • Make your first design with the raspberry clipart images by importing them into your favorite design program! 
10 free raspberry clipart images

Other free clipart images

You can find hundreds of free clipart images under our free clipart category! You can find more free food clipart, fruit clipart, or dessert clipart following the links, or you can browse through all of the clipart categories by using the menu above! 

Upscaling your images

I try to make the images as small as possible to make sure they don’t take up too much space on your device. If you need to use the raspberry clipart for something like commercial printing or other commercial uses, you can use a website like Nightmareai to upscale your images. This will make them higher quality and larger, however, they will take up much more space on your device. Otherwise, they are perfect to use as-is for personal projects! 

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