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Digital Notebooks

This shop page is dedicated to all of the digital notebooks for Goodnotes and other PDF annotation apps! Bookmark the page and come back every once in a while to check out new designs!

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Floral Ephemera Digital Notebook BUNDLE


Floral Ephemera Digital Notebook #1

Pink floral goodnotes notebook

Floral Ephemera Digital Notebook #2

Floral Ephemera Purple Digital Notebook with Flower

Floral Ephemera Digital Notebook #3

floral ephemera digital notebook with red flower on the cover

Floral Ephemera Digital Notebook #4

Digital Goodnotes notebook with red ephemera flower on the cover

Sugar Dust Notebook Bundle of 4

Want all four of the Sugar Dust digital notebooks below? Grab the bundle! 


Goodnotes Digital Notebook bundle

Sugar Dust Digital Notebooks

This digital notebook series has four notebooks in our Sugar Dust color pallet. Pick and choose the ones you want or buy the whole bundle for $10.

Sugar Dust Notebook #1

Digital Notebook for Goodnotes

Sugar Dust Notebook #2

Cute Digital Notebooks

Sugar Dust Notebook #3

Purple Digital Notebook

Sugar Dust Notebook #4

Take a peek inside!

What you get with each Sugar Dust digital notebook

You will receive a zip file with the following:

  • (1) 25-page PDF 
  • (1) Goodnotes file 

Your notebook comes with the following:

  • 12 hyperlinked sections with corresponding colors (the index also links to these). 
  • 8 templates (there are 10 total, but the weekly and the monthly come with a Monday start and a Sunday start.)

The templates are:

  • Blank
  • Lined
  • Graph
  • Dotted 
  • To do 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly (x2)
  • Monthly (x2)
NOTE*** This is a digital file ONLY. No Physical item will be sent. 

Matching Goodnotes Templates

If you’re looking for some Goodnotes templates that come in the same Sugar Dust color pallet, you can find them here! 

Goodnotes Templates Bundle

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