5 Notion Template School Dividers

school notion dividers with the words free notion dividers and "back to school dividers"

This set of Notion templates school dividers is completely free and the perfect way to add some color and replace those boring gray dividers in your Notion templates! They are super easy to use and you can swap them out with my other free Notion dividers whenever you need a change!  How to download the … Read more

9 Free Notion Dividers

Free Notion dividers in 9 different colors

This set of 9 Notion dividers is the perfect way to spice up your Notion templates, and they’re completely free! Notion currently has a thin gray line dividers, which is great in some cases, but if you want to add a little color to your Notion templates, these dividers are the way to go! Be … Read more

Free Weekday Notion Headers

notion headers with the days of the week in different colors

This free set of weekday Notion headers can be added to any of your Notion templates, and they are SO easy to use! Just drag and drop them into your sections and you’re good to go!  NOTE- My Notion headers are different than Notion covers (those will be coming soon!). The headers are meant to … Read more

Free Notion Meal Planner Template

free notion meal planner template and five views of the ingredients page, meal plan page, and recipes page

I’m back with a free Notion meal planner template! This template includes a way to track your ingredients and shopping list, a place to plan your meals by day, week, and month, and a place to store all your recipes! Notion is completely free, and so is this template!  How to download the free Notion … Read more

Goodnotes BIG Bundle of 60 Notebooks

72 digital notebooks Goodnotes notebooks and Notability Notebooks

The Goodnotes BIG bundle of $1 notebooks has been updated! There are now 60 (NOW 72!) notebooks in the bundle and you can get it for $9.99! If you were to purchase each of the notebooks separately it would be $60! You also get ALL FUTURE $1 Goodnotes notebooks that will be added to the … Read more