5 Free Christmas Dividers for Notion

This set of five free Christmas dividers for Notion is the perfect addition to any Notion template! Get ready for the holidays and add some Christmas cheer to your Notion! 

These Christmas Notion dividers are great because they are PNGs that you can keep in a folder and use over and over each year. Once the holidays are over, just delete them out of your Notion and grab another set of my free dividers to drag and drop into your template! 

How to get the free Christmas Dividers for Notion

Grabbing these free dividers for Notion is super easy! Just add them to your cart (don’t worry they are FREE) using the button below, enter $0, check out, and download! Once you have the file folder with the PNGs you can drag and drop them into Notion (or any other app that allows PNGs). 

How to use the free Notion dividers Christmas set

More free dividers for Notion

I have more free dividers for Notion for you to add to your collection and other free Notion goodies! Feel free to browse them all, add them to your cart for $0, and check out to download them all at once! 

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