5 Cute Halloween Dividers for Notion

This set of cute Halloween dividers for Notion is completely free! If you want something a little more than the gray divider in Notion,  you can download the set and drag and drop them into your own Notion templates to add some color for Halloween! 

How to get the cute Halloween dividers for Notion

You can get this set of Halloween dividers for Notion by following these simple steps:

  • Click the button below that says “Grab the Cute Halloween Notion Dividers”. 
  • Add the set to your cart and enter $0. 
  • Checkout and download. 
  • Open the zip file and drag and drop the images into any Notion template! 

A video showing the Halloween Notion dividers

Other free Notion Dividers

Be sure to check out the rest of the free Notion dividers and come back every so often to check out new additions to the Notion freebies! 

Here are some examples of other free Notion dividers you can find in the Notion shop:

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free Halloween Notion Dividers with spiders, pumpkins, witch hats, ghosts, bats, and skulls
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Free Notion Templates

You can also check out my free Notion templates and use these free Notion dividers in them! 

free notion meal planner template and five views of the ingredients page, meal plan page, and recipes page

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