13 Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers With 24 Desktop Folder Icons

This set of free aesthetic desktop wallpapers with desktop folder icons comes with 13 wallpapers and 24 desktop icons that you can mix and match to make your desktop your own!

How to use your desktop wallpapers with folder icons:

Downloading the wallpapers:

  • Click the download button under the aesthetic desktop wallpapers photo. 
  • Go to your downloads and unzip the file of wallpapers. 
  • Select the wallpaper you want to use, right-click, then select “set desktop picture.” 

Downloading the folder icons for Mac:

  • Click the download button under the folder icons photo. 
  • Go to your downloads and unzip the file of folder icon PNGs. 
  • Select the icon you want to use, right-click, then select “copy” or use command+c. 
  • Then go to the folder you want to change. 
  • Right click and select “get info.”
  • Go to the folder icon in the top left corner of the pop up window (not the big icon at the bottom) and select it. 
  • Paste with command+v.

Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers

This set of 13 wallpapers can be used with or without the aesthetic folder icons. They are both cute and functional! 

Desktop Folder Icons

These matching folder icons can be mixed and matched with any of the desktop wallpapers from above or used with any wallpaper you may already be using! Just follow the instructions from the top of the page! 



Aesthetic Wallpaper and Folder Icon Combination Examples

Here are a few different ways you can style your desktop with the aesthetic desktop wallpapers and folder icons!

Other Desktop Wallpapers

Check out the rest of my desktop wallpapers so you have even more of a variety to mic and match with! 

Other Aesthetic Folder Icons

The list of aesthetic folders is growing! You can match them with our desktop wallpapers or just use them as-is with your own wallpaper!

aesthetic folder icons Heart shaped and folder shaped

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