September 2022 Desktop Wallpaper (with free icons)

This free September 2022 desktop wallpaper has three color variations and free matching folder icons! You can use them together or use the desktops and folder icons separately. 

I will explain how to use the desktop wallpapers for September 2022 and direct you toward our other options for the rest of the year!

How to use your September 2022 Desktop wallpapers

  • Click the download button below the photo of the wallpapers. This will give you a file folder with three jpeg files. 
  • Unzip and open the folder with the wallpapers. 
  • Right-click the wallpaper you want to use and select set as background. 
  • If you want the matching file folders for Mac (instructions for pc coming soon!) click the download button under the picture of the icons. 
  • Open the zip folder with the icons. 
  • Copy the icon you want to use (command+c). 
  • Right-click the folder you want to change and select “get info.” 
  • Click the blue file folder in the top left of the window (not the big folder at the bottom) and paste with command+v. 

September 2022 Desktop Wallpaper With Icons

This set comes with three different options that you can mix and match with the file folder color options! I like to change mine every few days and with these wallpapers having the same layout I never have to change where my folders are. 

All of the colors go well together so you can usually leave the folders as is while changing the wallpapers!

September Desktop Folder Icons

Now I call these September desktop folder icons, but the great thing about the folder icons is you can keep using them forever!

Keep them in a folder and come back and collect the others so you can trade them out and change them up whenever you’d like!

Color Codes for Your Desktop Wallpaper

Here are the color codes pulled from the desktop wallpaper and folder icons! 

You can use the codes in your own designs. I like to match them up with my pen colors in my digital planners and digital journals!

Watch Our YouTube!

Our YouTube is pretty new, but I am trying to add some more video examples of all of the free items here at Spec on a Speck! 

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