Desktop Folder Icons

This page is dedicated to all of my desktop folder icons for Mac (instructions coming soon for PC)! 

Switching up your desktop folder icons is a really fun way to make your desktop your own! You can pair them with my desktop wallpapers to make it even better!

How to use the desktop folder icons

  • Download the desktop folder icon set you want by clicking the download button under each design. 
  • Go to your downloads folder and open the folder of PNGs.
  • Right-click the icon you want to use and select copy (or command+c).
  • Right click the folder you want to change and select “get info”. 
  • Select the folder icon in the top left corner of the window (not the big folder at the bottom of the window).
  • Then paste with command+v. 

Desktop Folder Icons Set 1

This desktop folder icons set comes with five color options and five matching heart icons. You can find the whole bundled set of icons with matching organizer wallpapers here!