Halloween Bookmarks Printable

These free Halloween bookmarks are a fun and exciting way to get ready for fall! It may be July, but believe me, Halloween will be here before you know it! 

Be sure to download the PDF for this Halloween bookmarks printable and then head over to check out the rest of our bookmark selection!

How to Use Your Halloween Bookmarks Printable

  • Click the download link
  • Go to wherever your downloads are on your computer or device.
  • Open the printable Halloween bookmarks PDF.
  • Click file, then print. You can print at home or at a local print shop. 
  • Cut. 
  • Use!
Halloween Bookmarks Printable

Laminating Your Halloween Bookmarks

This is optional of course! But laminating your printable bookmarks can make them last so much longer before needing to print new ones! 

Here is how I do it with my laminator (your laminator may have different instructions):

1. Print, cut, and place in a laminating pouch

Once you have the PDF file printed and cut out, put the pieces in the laminating pouch with some space between them. 

Printable Halloween Bookmarks

2. Run through the laminator

This part might be different depending on which laminator you’re using. 

Once you have the cut bookmarks placed in the laminating pouch, run the pouch through the laminator. Sometimes I have to run my printable bookmarks though two times. 

Laminated Halloween Printable Bookmarks

3. Cut

Once the laminated bookmarks are cooled off, cut them out and add them to a book!

You can print as many sets as you’d like so you have plenty for yourself and your friends and family!

Other Fun Ways to Use Your Printable Halloween Bookmarks

1. Add them to Halloween treat bags

If you have any reason to make Halloween treat bags for school or work, add these bookmarks! Print as many as you need to fill your bags!

Tip- use a hole punch and some string to add a fun jewel, charm, or treat!

2. Leave them in random books

Leave them as gifts in random books (with permission of course if somewhere public). You can leave them hidden in books at a family member or friends house for them to discover at a later time!

3. Mini decorating

Yes, they are bookmarks, but could they work as mini decorations for a small space? Also yes! 

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The selection of printable bookmarks here on the page is currently small but loved! Definitely be sure to bookmark (heh, get it) the page to come back and see future designs!

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