Printable Reward Chart for Kids

This simple printable reward chart is a fun way to help kids work towards their goals while earning rewards! And it’s not just for kids! I love using it when I have a specific goal or habit I’m working on!

There are three different designs with different lengths of time, so they can choose to work on shorter-term or more long-term goals. 

The PDF file includes:

  • One 30-day reward chart. 
  • One 14-day reward chart. 
  • One 7-day reward chart. 

How to Download and Use Your Printable Reward Chart

It’s super easy to download and use the file. The best part? Once you download this PDF file to your device, you have it forever! Then you can use and print a new one whenever you need, as often as you need. 

Here are instructions for use with a few optional tips:

  1. Click the download button below. 
  2. Go to wherever your downloaded files are (usually a folder on your device). 
  3. Save the PDF somewhere safe so you can come back to it in the future to print more copies. 
  4. Print the PDF at home or a local print shop. 
  5. Choose a goal and start tracking! 

Optional Additional Fun Steps

  • Laminate! Laminating saves ink and paper, and the kids love filling out their reward charts with dry erase markers! 
  • Use sticky dots to put in their room or a binder! 
  • Use all of the reward charts simultaneously in different areas of the house! Maybe there is a smaller goal in the kitchen while a longer goal is being worked on for school work!
  • Use stickers! Get some fun stickers that can be placed on the printable reward charts instead of using markers! 
printable reward chart for kids sticker chart

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Printable Reward Chart
free printable reward chart

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