Free Hundreds Chart Printable

This free hundreds chart printable comes with 5 different variations! One is filled out 1-100, and the others have different blank spots that can be filled in for a more challenging approach. 

How To Use The Hundreds Chart Printable

  • Click the link under the photo below to download the PDF file. 
  • Go to your files and find the download. 
  • Print the charts at home or at a local printing place. Just make sure wherever you are printing takes PDF files. 

What Comes with Your Free Hundreds Chart Printable

You will receive a 5-page PDF with the following pages:

1. 1-100 chart

The first page is a simple hundreds chart with all of the spaces filled in.

2. 1-100 chart with missing spots counting by 5

The second page has missing numbers. Filling out the missing spots on this chart will cause counting by 5s!

Hundreds chart

3. 1-100 Chart with missing spots counting by 10

This chart has missing spots to help with counting by 10s!

free printables hundreds chart

4. 1-100 Chart with random missing spots

This page has random numbers missing to help with numbers 1-100.

free hundreds chart printable

5. 1-100 Chart with random missing spots (part 2)

This printable chart has different missing numbers than the previous chart to help with counting from 1-100. 

Optional Step - Laminate Your Printables!

I got a new laminator recently, so my advice under every single printable will probably be the same for a while… laminate all the printables! 

Of course, you don’t have to laminate your printables, but laminating this set helps so much when it comes to saving on ink and paper, especially when it comes to the fill in the blank hundreds charts!

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