42 Free Goodnotes Templates

This set of six free Goodnotes templates comes in seven different color variations giving you a total of 42 free Goodnotes templates! I have included a Goodnotes file, a PDF, and the PNGs for all of the templates so you can use them in Goodnotes and other digital planning apps and you can use the PNGs as stickers in your apps! 

What's included

Each of the seven Goodnotes templates packs below come with six templates each! This way you can have the six awesome templates in seven different color variations! 

Each template pack comes with three files:

  • A PDF file
  • A Goodnotes file
  • A folder with the six individual PNGs

The six templates included in each pack are:

  • Blank
  • Lined
  • Grid
  • Dotted
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

How to use the Goodnotes Templates

I always recommend sharing the templates FROM your files TO your Goodnotes app rather than trying to import while starting in the Goodnoets app. This ensures ALL templates in each pack get imported in rather than one page at a time. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions for importing the files into Goodnotes and other apps:

  • Click the download button under each of the free Goodnotes templates you want below. 
  • Locate the zip files in your download and unzip them if your device doesn’t automatically do this for you. 
  • If using the Goodnotes app, select the Goodnotes file, then share, and share to Goodnotes. Then you can copy and paste the templates throughout the app. 
  • If using another digital planning app share the PDF to your app. 
  • If using the PNGs as stickers, drag and drop them into your app in side-by-side mode. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

Free Goodnotes Templates

This set of free Goodnotes templates comes in a gorgeous blue color palette! You can use the blank, lined, dotted, grid, weekly, and monthly templates throughout your Goodnotes notebooks, planner, journals, and other digital planner apps! 

Free Goodnotes Templates with lined, dotted, grid, and blank templates as well as a weekly and monthly template with the words "free goodnotes templates"

Free Digital Planners

Be sure to check out my free digital planners once you’re done with this list of Goodnotes templates! 

Goodnotes Templates Free

Who doesn’t need a set of super bright pink Goodnotes templates?! Okay maybe note EVERYONE needs them, but I know some of us do! I love these for journaling and list-making! 

Pink goodnotes templates

Free Digital Templates for Goodnotes and Other Apps

This color is one of my favorites for fall! Use this set of digital templates for your digital notes and digital planning!  

six Goodnotes templates arranged on the page

Purple Goodnotes Template Pack

This one is for the purple lovers! Download this set of purple digital Goodnotes templates and keep them on hand for whenever you need some digital paper in your digital planning apps! 

purple Goodnotes templates with a blank page, lined page, dotted page, and grid page

Black Goodnotes Templates and Stickers

This set of black Goodnotes templates is perfect to have on hand because you can use it with most any other color! Don’t forget you can use them as templates AND stickers!

black goodnotes templates on a white background with the words "Free Goodnotes Templates" at the top

Free Green Goodnotes Templates

I like to mix and match with this green and a few others on this page! You can build an awesome notebook or journal by combining them and alternating the colors of the digital templates! 

6 green goodnotes templates arranged on the page with he words free Goodnotes templates at the top

Free Blue Goodnotes Templates

I love dark theme Goodnotes templates so this is a another of my favorites! This is another fun one to mix and match with the colors above! 

dark blue goodnotes templates

Check out the video of these Goodnotes Templates

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