Free Blue and Pink Gradient Goodnotes Stickers

I’m back with another set of fun gradient Goodnotes stickers for your Goodnotes app! These stickers come pre-cropped in a Goodnotes file so you can start using them right away! Just download, import to Goodnotes, and that’s it! 

What's included in the download

Your file will come with a Goodnotes file in a zip (most devices will unzip this for you automatically). The sticker sheet comes with eight pre-cropped stickers. 

Note- some of my free digital stickers (including this set) only come with the Goodnotes file if the PNG files sizes are too large. 

How to download and use

To use the free gradient Goodnotes stickers, just click the button below that says “Download Gradient Stickers Sheet for Goodnotes.” Find the file in your downloads and unzip it. Once you have the Goodnotes file, select “share” and share to Goodnotes. Use the lasso tool to copy and paste the stickers in your Goodnotes planner, notebook, or journal! 

blue and pink gradient stickers on a table, heart, circle, square, pen, notepad digital stickers for Goodnotes app

Other Goodnotes Freebies

I have hundreds of Goodnotes freebies here at Spec on a Speck! Be sure to check out the rest of my free Goodnotes stickers then head over and check out the free Goodnotes templates, free Goodnotes notebooks, and my monthly Goodnotes freebies articles which have a combination of all of the above! 

10 different sticker sheets for Goodnotes in different colors and styles

$1 Goodnotes Notebooks

If you have gone through all of the free Goodnotes items here at Spec on a Speck and you are looking for more, check out my $1 Goodnotes notebooks! These are my favorite Goodnotes items ever. I have always loved the feeling of a fresh new notebook with a fun cover and these are the perfect way to switch it up whenever I want! 

You can also get the lifetime access bundle to all of my $1 Goodnotes notebooks so you get all current and future Goodnotes notebooks and never run out of fun notebooks! These free digital stickers are perfect to add to them! 

50 goodnotes notebooks digital notebooks

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by and downloading these free stickers! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what kind of Goodnotes and other digital products and freebies you’d like to see next! I am always open to suggestions!

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