Free Digital Planner – One-Month Daily

I’m so excited to introduce my very first digital planner! It’s a one-month daily digital planner, and it’s completely free! I’ve included instructions on how to download and use the free digital planner, photos of the inside, and links to other free digital planning goodies in this article! 

This planner includes the PDF and the Goodnotes file, so you can use it in any of your favorite digital planning apps, as long as they work with hyperlinked PDFs! Be sure to reach out or leave a comment if you have any questions. 

How to download and use the free digital planner

I have included both the PDF and Goodnotes files in one folder which makes importing into your favorite digital planning app super easy! Each comes with 3 blank covers so you can add stickers and your month on the front!

Instructions for download:

  • Click the “download free one-month digital planner” button below. 
  • Locate the zip file in your download and unzip it (if you are using an iPad it should do this for you). 
  • Choose either the PDF or the Goodnotes file depending on which digital planning app you are using. 
  • Click share. 
  • Share to your digital planning app! 

Instructions for using the digital planner:

  • Choose your cover and delete the rest (or you can leave them!). 
  • Add the month and some free digital stickers if you’d like!
  • Fill out the monthly overview section and the calendar. 
  • Click on the side tab with the corresponding date. If it’s December 4th, click on the “4” tab. 
  • Fill out your daily page. 
  • If you need more space, go to the templates index, choose a template you’d like, copy the page, and paste it behind your daily page! 
a free one month daily digital planner with 3 covers, hyperlinks, and daily pages

Take a look inside the free digital planner

Below you can see the video tour and the monthly overview, the calendar, and the daily pages that are in the one-month digital planner! 

3 digital planner pages, one with daily prompts, one with a monthly overview, and one with a calendar

Use the templates (blank, lined, grid, and dot) to add pages behind your daily pages when you need more space! 

five digital planner templates with blank, lined, dotted, and grid

More free digital planners

This is the first of many digital planners to come, so be sure to bookmark the free digital planners section and come back soon to see more free planners! 

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