15 Retro Christmas Tree Clipart Images

The next freebie in our Christmas clipart section is this adorable set of 15 retro Christmas tree clipart images! Download the bundle below and have fun designing your next Christmas greeting card, invitation, or scrapbook page. Once you are done downloading this set feel free to head over to our holiday clipart section and bookmark the page so you can keep an eye our for new holiday graphics for your projects and designs! 

How to download the retro Christmas tree clipart set

Downloading is super simple! Just follow the below instructions and you’ll be set to start designing your next retro Christmas design! 

Instructions for download:

  • Click the “Download Retro Christmas Tree Clipart” button below. 
  • Find the zip folder with the name “Retro Christmas Tree PNGs” in your downloads. 
  • Unzip the folder. 
  • Save the folder containing the 15 retro Christmas tree images to a safe place on your device. 
  • Design your next project by importing the Christmas tree images into your design program!
Note- I would love to hear how you use these clipart Christmas trees in the comments below! Also, feel freee to leave ideas for what free clipart bundles you would like to see in the future!
15 retro Christmas tree clipart images

Ways to use your retro Christmas tree clipart

The possibilities are seemingly limitless when it comes to this adorable Christmas tree set, but I always like to list some ways to use them in case you ever get stuck and aren’t sure what to make next! Here is a small list of ideas:

  • Retro-themed Christmas party invitation. 
  • Christmas greeting cards.
  • Holiday party favors. 
  • Christmas wall art printables. 
  • Scrapbook pages for your Holiday memories. 

Upscaling the images size and quality

I like to try to keep the file size as small as possible with all clipart and image bundles on the website. If you are needing these retro Christmas tree images to be larger or be of higher quality so that you can print them or use them for commercial purposes, feel free to import them into a website that upscaled images. My current favorite site to do this is Nightmareai. You can import the images and tell how much larger you would like to make the image. Just remember that this will increase the amount of space the clipart images take up on your devices. 

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