19 Birthday Gift Clipart Images

This set of 19 birthday gift clipart images is the newest set in our free birthday clipart category! Whether you just looking to make a homemade birthday card or you are wanting to design a printable for your blog, this clipart set will be a great addition to your graphics collection!

Downloading the Birthday Gift Clipart Images

To download this set of free birthday gift clipart images follow the steps below and start designing your next birthday design! 

Instructions for downloading:

  • Click the “Download Birthday Gift Clipart Images” under the image below. 
  • Find the zip folder in your downloads labeled “Birthday Gift PNGs” and unzip it. 
  • Save the folder containing the 19 clipart of birthday gift images to your device. 
  • Drag and drop or import the PNGs into your favorite design program and start making something fun with your new birthday clipart!
19 Birthday Gift Clipart Images

Ways to use the birthday gift clipart

As always, I like to include a list of some ways you can use the clipart images!  Here are some ideas in case you get stuck using the clipart of birthday gifts:

  • Invitations: Use the clipart of birthday gifts to create eye-catching invitations for a birthday party. Combine these clipart images with our other free birthday clipart images!
  • Greeting Cards: Incorporate the clipart of these birthday gifts into personalized greeting cards for your loved ones!
  • Gift Tags: Print out the clipart of birthday gifts and attach them to presents as decorative gift tags. You can customize the tags by adding the recipient’s name or a short birthday message.
  • Party Decorations: Use the clipart to create banners, posters, or signs to decorate for your next birthday party!
  • Thank You Notes: After the birthday celebration, use clipart of birthday gifts to design thank you notes or cards.
  • Scrapbooking: Include clipart of birthday gifts in scrapbooks to commemorate the special day. It can be used alongside photos, captions, and other decorative elements.
  • Digital Graphics: Incorporate the clipart into digital graphics, such as social media posts, blog headers, or website banners, to announce or celebrate someone’s birthday online.
  • Classroom Activities: If you’re a teacher, use clipart of birthday gifts for classroom activities or crafts related to birthdays. Students can color, cut, and paste the clipart onto cards or worksheets.
  • Personalized Stationery: Create custom stationery featuring clipart of birthday gifts. Design personalized notepads, letterheads, or stickers for birthday-themed correspondence.
  • Party Favors: Print some of the clipart of birthday gift images onto stickers, labels, or temporary tattoos to include in party favor bags. It adds a touch of excitement and makes for a memorable keepsake.

Increasing size and quality of images

I always try to keep the size of all images and clipart files as small as possible so you can download as many as you would like without having to worry bout home much space they are taking up on your device. If you need larger images or higher quality images of the birthday gift clipart for printing or commercial purposes you can always use a website that can upscale your images. Just keep in mind this will increase the file size and the amount of space they take up on your device. There are many websites out there that can do this for you, my current favorite is Nightmareai!

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