14 Jack O Lantern Clipart PNGs

This set of 14 watercolor jack o lantern clipart PNGs is the newest freebie in our Halloween clipart category! Whether you are wanting to make fun Halloween party favors or spooky Halloween invitations, this set of jack-o-lantern clipart is a must-add to your holiday clipart collection!

Ways to Use the Jack O Lantern Clipart Images

There are so many different ways you can use this set of jack-o-lantern clipart images! If you have been here awhile, you know I always like to include a list of fun ways to use the clipart in case you get stuck looking for ideas! 

Some of my favorite ideas:

  •  Halloween wall decor: use the jack o lantern clipart to design some fun Halloween wall decor for a party or just to get in the Halloween spirit! 
  •  Halloween Cards: Print the jack-o-lantern clipart images and attach them to a homemade Halloween card, or design the card using the clipart in a program like Canva or Affinity Designer! 
  • Trick-or-treat bags: Decorate your trick-or-treat bags with transfer paper and these jack lanterns! Then fill the bags with goodies and have the cutest candy bags for Halloween!
  • Table Centerpiece: Print out several jack-o’-lantern clipart images, cut them out, and attach them to wooden skewers or toothpicks. Stick the skewers or toothpicks into a foam block or a hollowed-out pumpkin to create a Halloween-themed centerpiece.

Downloading the Jack O Lantern Cliaprt

Downloading this free set of jack-o-lantern clipart images is easy! Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be all set to start making your next Halloween design! 


  • Click the “Download Jack O Lanter Clipart” button below. 
  • Locate the zip folder in your downloads labeled “Jack O Lantern PNGs”. 
  • Unzip this file. 
  • Save the folder containing the 14 jack-lantern images to your device and start designing your next project!
14 watercolor jack o lantern clipart PNGs

Using an upscale website for your jack o lantern clipart

When creating free designs, I always consider the file size to ensure they won’t take up excessive space on your device. I usually focus on designing for hobbyists. However, if you need larger or higher-quality images for commercial or print usage, I suggest using a website that specializes in upscaling images. Personally, I prefer Nightmareai, although there are numerous options available. It’s important to note that utilizing such services will result in larger file sizes, occupying more space on your device.

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