18 Ice Cream Cone Clipart PNGs

This set of 18 watercolor ice cream cone clipart images is our next summer clipart freebie to get you ready for summer! There are so many different fun summer designs you can make with these adorable ice cream cone graphics. 

A few of my favorite ideas for using this clipart are:

  • Birthday party invites
  • Scrapbooking 
  • Magnets or stickers
  • Wall art
  • Phone wall papers 
  • Digital stickers

Downloading the ice cream cone clipart

Downloading this ice cream cone clipart is easy; you can start designing immediately after downloading the file! Just follow these simple instructions to get the ice cream cone images on your device:

  • Click the “Download Ice Cream Cone Clipart” button below. 
  • Find the folder labeled “Ice Cream Cone PNGs” in your downloads. 
  • Unzip the folder. 
  • Find the 18 PNGs all in one place! 
  • I always like to recommend having a folder labeled “Spec on a Speck” so you can keep all of the hundreds of free items we offer organized and in one easy place to find on your devices. 

Now you can start designing your next summer design by dragging and dropping or importing the ice cream cone clipart images into your favorite design program. 

18 watercolor ice cream cone clipart images

Using an upscale website

I try to be mindful of how much space the clipart and other files will take up on your computer or tablet and I generally design with the hobbyist in mind. If you need larger images or higher-quality images for printing purposes or commercial use, I recommend using a site that can upscale images. My favorite site to use is Nightmareai, but you can use any of the many awesome ones out there. Keep in mind this will make your file size much larger and take up more space on your device. 

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