21 Watercolor Butterfly Clipart

This set of 21 watercolor butterfly clipart images can be used in your next fun design or you can use them as digital stickers in your digital planner or notebook! I have listed more fun ways to use the butterfly clipart below as well as instructions on importing, designing, and upscaling if necessary. 

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How to download the watercolor butterfly clipart set

Downloading this clipart set is easy and you’ll be able to start designing within just a few minutes! Here are the instructions:

  • Click the “Download Watercolor Butterfly Clipart” button. 
  • Go to your downloads. 
  • Unzip the file labeled “Butterfly PNGs”. 
  • That folder will contain 21 PNGs that you can start designing with by dragging and dropping the images into your design or by importing them into your design. 
21 watercolor butterfly clipart images

Fun designs using your butterfly clipart set

You could probably find a million ways to use this clipart of butterflies in your designs, but I always like to list a few of my favorite fun ideas in case you need some inspiration! 

  1. Digital Stickers: You can use these PNGs in an app like Goodnotes or any other digital planner app. It’s super easy to just drag and drop them into your app so you can decorate your digital planner or digital notebook!
  2. Butterfly Garland: Print out multiple copies of butterfly clipart, cut them out, and attach them to a string or ribbon using clothespins or paperclips. Hang the garland in your room or at a party to add a whimsical touch.

  3. Butterfly Bookmarks: Print out butterfly clipart on cardstock or thick paper, cut out the butterflies, and laminate them for durability. Attach a colorful ribbon or tassel to create unique and eye-catching bookmarks.

  4. Butterfly Mobile: Print out different sizes of butterfly clipart, cut them out, and attach them to strings of varying lengths. Hang the strings from a hoop or branch, and you’ll have a beautiful butterfly mobile that moves with the breeze.

  5. Butterfly Wall Art: Arrange different sizes and colors of butterfly clipart in a visually pleasing pattern on a canvas or poster board. Stick them on using double-sided tape or glue, and frame the artwork for an elegant and vibrant addition to your wall decor.

  6. Butterfly Cupcake Toppers: Print out small butterfly clipart, cut them out, and attach them to toothpicks or skewers using tape or glue. Insert the toppers into cupcakes or other desserts for a delightful and whimsical touch.

  7. Butterfly Party Hats: Print out butterfly clipart onto colored cardstock or construction paper. Cut out the butterflies, and attach them to the sides of party hats using glue or tape. This adds a festive and unique element to your party attire.

  8. Butterfly Gift Tags: Print out butterfly clipart on cardstock, cut out the butterflies, and punch a hole at the top. Thread a ribbon or string through the hole, and attach the tag to gifts for a charming and personalized touch.

  9. Butterfly Scrapbook Embellishments: Print out butterfly clipart in various sizes and colors, and use them to decorate your scrapbook pages. Layer them, add glitter, or even use them as stencils to create beautiful butterfly-themed designs.

  10. Butterfly Wall Decals: Print out butterfly clipart on adhesive paper or use sticker paper. Cut out the butterflies and stick them directly onto your walls, creating a unique and removable butterfly wall decal design.

  11. Butterfly Magnets: Print out butterfly clipart on magnetic sheets, cut out the butterflies, and attach them to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces. This way, you can enjoy the fluttering beauty of butterflies while displaying notes or artwork.

Using an upscale website

If I am working on personal or DIY projects, I try to keep the file sizes as small as possible. I like to use an upscale website like Nightmareai when I need a larger or higher-quality image for printing or commercial purposes, but you can use any of the dozens of great ones out there! Just keep in mind your file size will most likely be much larger after upscaling. 

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