Rainbow Snowflake Clipart PNGs

Is it May? Yes. Am I already prepping for Winter and Christmas? Also yes! This set of 24 rainbow snowflake clipart PNGs is super fun to work with and will add lots of color to your Christmas designs! It’s never too early to start planning your DIY Christmas and winter projects!

Things to make with your snowflake clipart

There are always a ton of different ways to use the free clipart sets, but I like to add a small list of my favorite ones to give you some ideas! Here are a few ways I would consider using the free snowflake clipart:

  • Christmas greeting cards
  • Winter birthday party invites
  • Winter device wallpaper 
  • Digital Christmas invitations 
  • Winter scrapbooking 
  • Digital stickers for the winter season

How to download the rainbow clipart PNGs

To download this set of rainbow snowflake clipart PNGs, all you need to do is click on the “Download Rainbow Snowflake Clipart” button below. Once you do that, find the zip folder in your downloads folder named “Rainbow Snowflakes PNGs”. Then all you need to do is unzip the folder and you will find all 24 PNGs in one place. 

Designing with these is super easy. You can just drag and drop or import into a program like Canva, Affinity Designer, or Adobe Illustrator (or any design program of your choice). 

24 rainbow snowflake clipart images

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